News Battalion 1944 Battalion 1944: Closed Alpha 0.2 am kommenden Wochenende

Battalion 1944: Closed Alpha 0.2 am kommenden Wochenende

Battalion 1944: Closed Alpha 0.2 am kommenden Wochenende
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Alpha V0.2 Changelog:


ManorHouse_v2 implemented -

We’ve made massive changes to the Manorhouse layout on the ‘B long’ lane next to the B bombsite overlook barn. We did this to encourage a smoother flow around that side of the map as well as adding more aggressive and defensive options when playing around that site, ready for the future implementation of our own competitive Search and Destroy styled game mode.


  • Movement speed in every stance reduced by 30% across the board.
  • Strafe jump distance reduced by 25%.
  • Changed prone animation to be more in line with CoD 1/2/4 in order to combat drop-shotting.
  • Slower transition to prone.
  • Prone rotation arc distance reduced.
  • 1st person & 3rd person lean distance increased.
  • Changed lean move speed to feel more natural.
  • Vault lag bug fixed.
  • Prone block implemented -

We’ve implemented a way to remove the frustration of an old school pain - ‘prone block’. There should no longer be a situation where you want to go prone but can’t. Your player model will move to adjust to the environment around it. We’d like to hear your feedback on this feature!

New items added:

  • Shotgun (Trenchgun) added for both the American & German factions -

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new addition to the game.

Weapon changes:

  • Weapon FOV scaling.
  • MP40 iron sight fixes.
  • Fixed knife collaterals.
  • Knife range decreased.
  • Pistols no longer 1 shot headshot at long ranges.
  • Pistol damage & range reduced.
  • Pistol equips faster.
  • Pistol model sizes increased.
  • Added weapon animation replay on the tapping of change weapon button.
  • Grenade tumble animation added.
  • Grenade behaviour simplified


  • Removed sparks & dust from footprints.


  • Less jerky animations across the board.
  • M1 Garand recoil animation improvements -

Misc Fixes:

  • Mouse acceleration OFF by default.
  • Improved stability through some minor optimisations.
  • Server browser fixes (still requires an Alpha weekend to be sure!).
  • FOV scaling on the weapon.
  • Player name sticking fixed.
  • Round end crashes fixed.
  • ‍Key binds available to change within menu
  • General Collision Improved
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