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Patch 1.2 Die Neuen Bug´s (48 Stück!)

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This post will notify the BF2 community (and hopefully Dice employees), of the massive amounts of bugs 1.2 has created, and failed to mend. Please reply with a bug that is not mentioned, or better yet reply with a link to a video or screenshot with the mentioned bug for proof. This list will be edited frequently, think of it as a wiki for the 1.2 bugs.

New Bugs:

1 Many weapons dont make a sound/animation when others fire them, This is a big deal as you have no way of knowing what direction you are being shot from.

2 Quite often when putting the shock pads away un-charged, you get them out to use them again and they do nothing, you keep pressing to revive somebody and nothing happens.

3 Nade launcher nades don?t bounce for me, some people say it works for them, others say it doesn?t. All I know is I can shoot my feet and kill myself instantly.

4 Nade launcher nades and rocket launcher rockets now often disappear after being fired without an explosion.

5 Packet Loss/Lag Bug. 1.2 seemed to of caused lots of short moments where there is major lag where information is not being sent properly from the player to the server.

This includes: Sniper rifle zooming in, few moments later the person unzooms automaticly due to lag, because the server wasn't aware the person zoomed in, in the first place. AT Rocket firing and going through an armored vehicle, then a few moments later the rocket is not fired, because the server was never aware the person shot. This also includes a hand grenade problem, someone trys to throw a hand grenade, but through lag it doesn't happen, the user trys again to throw, then two grenades are thrown.

6 Sometimes I spawn and im sunk into the ground or unable to move, jumping usually fixes this.

7 Some people have claimed to have invisible buildings and trees, I have not had this one however.

8 In BFHQ my rank is "rankname", my next rank is "private" and my progress to next rank is 100% despite being in fact 60%.

9 Hit indicator often doesn?t display for sniper rifles and some other weapons.

10 AA Bug, Hard to explain.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/zataraa

11 Massive amounts of graphics lag for very high performance pc users.

12 Map filter no longer works on server browser.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/map-name-filter-bug

13 Firing a TOW mounted on a HMMWV in Special Forces results in the whole server crashing. Video Note: Sorry to the comcast server provider, for crashing two of your servers (forgot to film the first time).

Video: http://media.putfile.com/Tow-crash

14 Strange number appears on radar / floor sometimes. (UAV radius in meters?).

15 Mystery death - You die without hearing a shot, seeing a hit indicator, or reading how/whom on the console. A simple "player is no more". Video Note: In this movie the person doesn't die, however there is no shot to be heard, and no person to be seen.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/no-bullet-sound

16 Name bug where a player's name only shows up after they have been killed.

17 F2000 sometimes depletes the entire clip in a single shot, which if they kill an enemy you don't get the points from the kill.'

18 Blackhawk flares glitch

Video: http://media.putfile.com/Battlefield-2-12-Blackhawk-bug

19 Medic defilibrator glitch, it recharges while not in use - even if it is not being used for a fraction of a second.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/Medic-bug-12

20 Join Game bug, when a round is over, and a new round commences, clicking the 'Join Game' does not get rid of the round score screen. Video Note: Believe me, I was clicking the 'Join Game' like there was NO tomorrow!

Video: http://media.putfile.com/join-game-bug

21 Squad bug, more than 6 people are in a squad. Pic Note: Look on the left, squad entitled 'QC'.

Picture: http://x7.putfile.com/2/4522330281.png

22 Texture problems, lots of texture errors have been created in 1.2, more specifically on sandbag textures.

Picture: http://x4.putfile.com/2/4915233341.jpg, http://x4.putfile.com/2/4915241656.jpg, http://x4.putfile.com/2/4915233341.jpg

23 Invisible gunner, a bug, discoverd by trying to capture footage of other known bugs, that's just how packed 1.2 is with bugs. It seems the kit items of the gunner were slightly visible, but the body is nowhere to be seen.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/Invisible-Gunner

24 Taking a screenshot through Battlefield is no longer possible.

25 Reload animations loop continuously, most known for the sniper weapons and the DAO-12.

26 Explosives warning skulls for Claymores, AT Mines, and C4, are sometimes not displayed if they are friendly, or sometimes they are displayed if they are the enemy's. Since the 1.2 patch made explosives not to be triggered by friendlys, if there is an enemy mine or claymore with the bug, they could die.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/warning-bug

Minor Errors:

1 Ribbons can no longer be highlighted/viewed through clicking in the ribbons section in BFHQ, Special Forces awards can only be viewed while the Special Forces mod is activated.

2 Under community menu Special Forces version number is '1.12', however BF2 is labelled 1.2.

3 Incorrect version number in BFHQ.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/version-number-bug

4 The grey text which informs you of whom you killed does not display if you are commander.

Picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1.../commander.jpg

5 On the weapons unlock selection screen the MP7 is displayed as a medic unlock. Pic Note: Notice the medic icon in the upper left corner for the MP7 unlock.

Picture: http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/6789/mp7unlock2ha.jpg

Existing Bugs Still Not Fixed:

1 Red/Blue name tag bug still exists and is now worse then ever.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/redname-bug

2 Half the time it is impossible to run in special forces.

3 Veteran tactical support badge and special forces medals still cant be achieved.

4 Map bug on zatar and dalian plant still exists despite EA claims it was fixed.

5 Unable to make squads / become commander sometimes.

6 Sometimes you join a server and your a private with no unlocks.

7 It is still possible to enter buildings not designed for entering in order to shoot people without being seen.

8 Multiple pack toss - when playing support kit, I'll toss TWO ammo bags with ONE click.

9 Sometimes vehicles go invisible when looking directly at them.

10 When healing or resupplying the 'zipping' sound from a heal or a metal 'ching' from a resupply continuously loops until one is resupplyed or healed again.

11 When you are in a vehicle repairing something, the repair bar comes up, but it's always 100%, you can't see how much you have repaired at all.

12 In some instances, if someone shoots their gun, the shooting sound continues until the person is dead, or shoots again. This happens most frequently to the AKS 74U, however it has been witnessed on other weapons.

13 Shooting a sniper rile, the cocking animation is not played majority of the time, the odd time the whole reload animation doesn't work.

14 'E Bug' Sometimes typing a text message in game with the letter 'e' often results in the person who is in the vehicle to exit, this is most frustrating while in a plane or helicopter.

15 Jumping, or running beside a vehicle squeezed up agaisnt a wall or another vehicle of somesort, will kill you instantly, and counts as a suicide ("[Your Name] is no more.").

16 Commander Assets bug, some commander assets are on the wrong team when certain assets are destroyed during the time period that the base with those assets are being converted to an enemy team. This is known to Kubra Dam MEC UAV trailor, and Wake Island PLA artillery Pic Note: The UAV trailor belongs to the USMC team, but it is at a MEC base.

Picture: http://www.secretsofbattlefield.com/files/UAVbug.jpg

17 On the kill notification board it will say "[Weapon name] [Yourname]" and it will not display the name of the person who killed you.

Picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v6...8-38-30-04.jpg

18 Squad bugs, sometimes you can be stuck in a squad with no way out, even the squad leader cannot kick you. Sometimes you get information from fellow squads (ie: "John Doe has joined/left your squad") even if you do not belong in that squad. Sometimes you cannot create a squad (you get the message "Squad Cap Reached") however there are only two or three squads on your team.

19 APC Missile Bug, the APC's firing animation replays rapidly the odd time when firing.

Video: http://media.putfile.com/Cheat-Auto-shotgun-APC

Bugs 'Fixed' By 1.2 Patch

48+ Bugs created by the 1.2 patch (and counting), and 5 bugs fixed by the 1.2 patch, However many of the few bugs that are mentioned to be fixed in the changelog (see below) I have never seen in my entire life.

1 Fixed a bug in terrain rendering with night vision, whereby terrain was still dark in dark areas.

2 Fixed a bug whereby mods that are not bf2 or not xpack permutate shaders every time a level is loaded.

3 Fixed a bug whereby non-xpack mods cannot use xpack shaders.

4 Fixed bug in TV guided missiles of Havoc helicopter. [This is the only bug I have encountered that is presumed to be fixed.]

5 Bug in MP7 fire rate fixed. Ammo count increased and mag count and damage decreased. [MP7 fire rate bug? I have never heard of it, and the other changes I have never heard of either.]

Special thanks to '[WOLF]bbob' for the idea, and 'KobraKai' (on the BF2S forums) for the original bug list.

Quellle : Total BF2

Ps: -=Punkbuster=- schau bitte E-mail Fach!!!

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Kannst es ja übersetzten wenn magst . lol

Alter Sack, lol bin ja selber einer , dann noch übersetzten lol


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@-=Punkbuster=- dann musste ne kurzfassung machen hier aus Forum wenn mags!!

mail ging an : <punkbuster@bf-games.net>

habe auch newes eingereicht wenns weiterhilft!!!

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Thx nochmal für die News. hatte das alles überseztzt (2h), dann ist der pc abgekackt und nun ist alles weg... zweiter versuch nachher.

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Guest The Undertaker

oh man soviele Bugs gibs ??? hab nur so ca. 12 gefunden <_<

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