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ForgottenHonor campaign 4: Frozen Iron

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Campaign #4 "Fronzen Iron" Enlist now!


We are about to embark on a NEW and EXITING campaign, situated in the harsh Russian Motherland. With the Germans pushing hard for the heart of the motherland, the ever increasingly well equipped Russian army is gathering momentum to whip the Germans back.

Will you stand by and watch the news on TV? Or will you return home and be able to face your grandchildren and see them straight into their eyes and say:


The facts are:

You will become an essential cog in a war machine of huge proportions. You will experience levels of teamwork beyond what you thought possible. You will meet interesting people as dedicated to gaming and winning as you are! Even the lowliest members become heros standing on the shoulders of the titans that came before them.

Several key features are:

  • Massive 32 vs 32, 6 hours battles every week.

  • Totaly new custom maps every week.

  • 2 Teams, 2 Armies, Divided in companies, dozens of unique players.

  • Complex Ranking sistem to get as close as possible to a real warzone.

  • Completely free, and open to anyone regardless of skill level.

  • Players from all over the world, you wont be alone no matter where your from!

And this is still not the end. Infact it is just scratching the surface.

Still not enough?

  • A friendly user community, and forums teeming with life.

  • Real user to user communication via Teamspeak.

  • Play on Awsome public servers available to play anytime your ready.

  • Meet open minded people, in a Tournament that is run BY and FOR the players.

  • All this brought to you for free. Yeah 100% free!

So what are you waiting for?

Join campaign #4 right now and become part of this epic battle for survival. From the hell of Stalingrad to the desolate frozen wastelands, battles will rage for the futures of Russia and Germany. Sign on as a Red Trooper howling a warcry as he charges from the trenches to defend the motherland, or as a Nazi Stormtrooper flinging all senses to the wind in a mad rush to protect his beloved fuhrer.

So enlist now! All are accepted, and come see what it is really like to be in a world of blood, a world of action, a world of...FORGOTTEN HONOR! Your destiny is in your hands now, will you rise to the call? There is glory to be had and futures to be forged by your hands!


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geil ey! kann kein englisch oder nicht so richtig...

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Könntest du das auch in Deutsch schreiben, ich hab erst seit 1 Jahr Englisch in der Schule -.-

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