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Neue Maps für FH2 - 762er Server

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anbei der Link für den Download der neuen Maps auf den 762er Servern:




Offizielle Einladung:


From the 31st of December, Server [762]RANKED #4 FH2 v2.45 [64+]
will include the following map into its daily rotation:


FHT Operation Nordwind
FHT Herrlisheim Outskirts
FHT Advance on Foy
FHT Elsenborn Ridge
You can download an installer .exe here,

just run it and the maps will be installed for you:
Wacht am Rhein map pack

Should the installer not work for you (Vista users):
1. Download this file and unpack it: Wacht am Rhein map pack for manual installation 
2. You will receive a folder named "fh2". Open your game folder ( e. g. C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods).
3. You should see 2 folders("bf2" and "fh2"). Copy the "fh2" folder that you have just unpacked into the \mods folder. 
4. If you are being asked to include or overwrite, choose "yes, to all".
5. For [F|H] campaign players: go into your "...\mods" folder. Delete the "fht" subfolder. 

Feel free to comment, criticise and vote about the event in the FH2 subforum of this website.
The teams of [762] and [F|H] wish you a good start into 2014!

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