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  1. News zu Forgotten Hope 2

    Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. Today we are showing off the third map to make it into our upcoming version 2.53 update. Today's map is Lenino, covering the first major action of the Polish People's Army. This of course means that we have yet another new country to add to Forgotten Hope 2: Poland. Lenino was made by Aserafimov. On 12 October 1943, near the village of Lenino in the Mogilev Oblast, the Polish 1st Tadeusz Kosciuszko Infantry Division prepared to enter action for the first time, under the auspices of the Soviet created "Polish Army of the East." This battle was supposed to mark the beginning of Polish-Soviet fraternity and strengthen combat association between their soldiers. Yet, with Polish morale low as most soldiers had only just been released from Soviet Gulags, and the promised Soviet armoured, aerial, and artillery support never showing, the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Division would face a fiery combat debut against the battle hardened 113th and 337th Infantry Divisions.
  2. News zu Forgotten Hope 2

    Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. Today we are showing off the second map to make it into our upcoming version 2.53 update. This map might be familiar to those of you who watched our live stream last Sunday. However, before we move on, we'd just like to mention that we now have a Discord server. Drop in and say hello! Today's map is Studienka, covering the crossing of the Berezina River by the retreating Army Group Centre in the face of Operation Bagration. Expect boggy floodplains and foggy early morning villages. Studienka was made by Ts4EVER. Operation Bagration, the big Soviet summer offensive of 1944, is only 7 days old and Army Group Center is gripped by utter chaos. The remnants of defeated German divisions are streaming west, hoping to find a safe crossing over the Berezina river. Brushing aside stragglers and bypassing strongpoints, the 3rd Guards Tank Corps closes in on the village of Studienka, where Napoleon's Grande Armee made their desperate crossing more than 100 years ago. On the other side of the river, the first elements of the 5th Panzer division approach the same bridge, hoping to hold open a route of retreat for their comrades.
  3. News zu Forgotten Hope 2

    Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. Today we'd like to make a short announcement. This coming Sunday, there will be a live stream in which Ts4EVER and FatJoe will be showing off some of the new maps and content for the next update. Although a lot of this has been covered in news posts or Devblogs, there is still at least one big new thing to see. The steam will be hosted on FatJoe's Twitch channel on: Sunday 25th February 2018 @ 15:00 UTC https://www.twitch.tv/joisigurds
  4. News zu Forgotten Hope 2

    Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. Today we have a render of perhaps a lesser known rifle used by the German Army, the Gewehr 33/40(t). Known to its original owners as the vz. 33, the carbine had been designed to arm the Czechoslovak gendarmerie. Based somewhat on the army's vz.24 rifle, it was lightened and shortened to make a handier package. With the capture of Czechoslovakia in the run up to the war, the arms factories of Brno began to make weapons for the Germans. The vz. 33 was one of several existing designs adopted into German service as the G33/40, with slight modifications to the buttplate and German style sling mounts. This carbine was used principally to arm the Gebirgsjäger, and part of the modifications to the buttplate included a strengthening plate to allow the rifle to be used more effectively as a climbing aid. Just over 25000 vz. 33 and 131000 G33/40(t) carbines were manufactured up to 1942, and ours was made by Seth Soldier.
  5. News zu Forgotten Hope 2

    Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. Today we are showing off a new map, but before we get to that we'd like to mention the folks over at World at War. They've been hosting our login server since Gamespy went down, so if you have some spare money to donate to the upkeep, please give them some support. WaW - World at War Tournament Forum Our map today is Ogledow. Put together by Ts4EVER, it covers the first use of Tiger II tanks on the Eastern Front, and the Soviet ambush that they advanced into. After rupturing the German front and destroying army group center during the great summer offensive of 1944, Russian forces are pouring into eastern Poland. They seized several bridgeheads over the river Vistula, thus crushing German hopes of using it as a new defensive line. In an attempt to throw the enemy spearheads back across the Vistula, the Germans are massing their forces near the town of Staszow, including some of the new super-heavy Tiger II tanks.
  6. News zu Forgotten Hope 2

    Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. Today we're back from the dead with another explosive render just in time for the fireworks. It's Christmas Eve, and when you have nine targets overhead, there's only one weapon you need: the Luftfaust B. Designed in late 1944, the Luftfaust was the only one of several German man portable anti-aircraft rocket launchers that made it off the drawing board and into combat trials before the end of the war. Consisting of 9 lengths of pipe, a rudimentary sight, and a firing system taken from the Panzerschreck, it was to be fired from the shoulder at low flying aircraft. The projectiles used a warhead derived from normal 20 mm anti-aircraft ammunition mated to a spin stabilised rocket motor. Fired as a salvo of 4, followed a fraction of a second later by the remaining 5, the rockets would spread out to a circle of 40 metres across at 200 metres distance. It isn't known how many Luftfausts were made or used in the confusion of the last days of the war, but it is known that at least a handful were deployed in and around Berlin. Ours was made by the ever talented Seth Soldier. However that's not all, we have another little present for you. A few screenshots taken from upcoming maps. Please mind that these are works in progress and subject to change.
  7. Crawling with skins Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 devblog. Developing a mod is not cheap, especially because you can't legally sell a mod for a commercial game, which is why many mod teams are asking for donations to keep them going. We have always avoided that, but recently we found a loophole. Skins & customizable player models! It turns out it is perfectly legal to sell ingame items for a mod, as long as the mod itself remains free. Because of that, you will soon be able to buy Waffenkisten (tm) (Weapon crates) directly from the FH2 Launcher. These crates will come in various bundles and prices! For an example, our "starter skin pack" will sell for $1.99/1.85€ that includes 2 random weapon skins. Buy as many as you can, because we have over 100 weapon skins in stock which will range from "Common" to "Experimental" rarity. Note that you cannot get the same skin more than once, our code has helped prevent that. As you can see, cracking open crates can be a fun thing to do. Now look at what we have here! Customizable player models is something we've been hard at work to implement this system! Currently, the only offer to include customizable player models is our fabulous "premium pack". It comprises of all of our weapon skins (100+), unique benefits, and, yes, those customizable player models! As we all know, social progress today is achieved not through daring political protest or sensible legal change, but through inclusion of your social group in the soulless consumer product of your choice. Because of this, you will soon be able to choose the race (5 options), gender (15 options) and age (everything from Volkssturm to Volkssturm) for your ingame avatar. To get a taste of our weapon skins, here is an ingame preview down below. The StG44 "Velvet Dream" (Common) The Sten MKII "Psychedelic" (Common) The BAR "Hello Kitty" (Epic) The Panzerschreck "Konsolenkrieg" (Rare) The M1911 "Captain America" (Experimental) We regret that we can't show you much more screenshots yet, since as they have yet to clear our progressive review. Good news again is that vehicle and aircraft skins will also be released in the future, as soon as we find a way to implement them without increasing texture load too much. We are also working on a kill tracking system, adding a notch to your guns buttstock for every 100 kills made with that model. The weapons skins we have shown so far were made by a dev who has asked to remain unnamed.


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