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  1. Battlefield 1918 v3.3 Release! Greetings and Merry Christmas to everyone. We here at the Battlefield 1918 Development Team hope you are enjoying the holidays, and we also hope you will enjoy the latest version of Battlefield 1918 which releases today! Before we get to the link for this latest version of the mod though, we would like to show off one more new feature. Firstly, players may be interested to hear about some new uniforms that are arriving in V3.3. We already have shown off some of the Early War uniforms for France and Belgium; however, players may also be interested to he
  2. Battlefield 1918: The Guns of August Greetings and welcome everyone to a news update regarding Battlefield 1918. For a start we are pleased to inform you all that while we have been quiet in the past few months, work has been done in making the new V3.3 update, especially when it comes to the topic of new maps. But before we get to the new battles players will be able to take part in, it may be prudent to show one of the 2 new factions coming to V3.3, the French Zouaves! French Zouaves Formed from French settlers in colonial North Africa, these troops
  3. 1.) Für Neueinsteiger, die mit ihren Freunden online spielen wollen gibt es die forgotten hope 0.7 portable, damit könnt ihr wie in guten alten Zeiten dabei sein, zum Beispiel auf dem beliebten Pixel-fighter Server, wo sich gestern Abend 35 Spieler bei den Freitag Night battles auf den Server einfanden, bei epischen Schlachten, wie damals: https://www.moddb.com/mods/forgotten-hope/downloads/forgotten-hope-portable-full-game 2.) Fhsw install tutorial für Neueinsteiger: http://www.fhsw-europe.com/index/0-2 3.) Fhsw 0.611 Download, Anfang der Woche zwischen 12-16 Uhr unserer Zeit
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