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BVSM/BVRM 2.0beta4g released

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Gestern wurde die nächste Beta der beliebten Admintools BVSM/BVRM released:

I've posted BxSM beta 4g on the download pages.

The beta 4g release includes the new BBO Custom Combat Editor (CCED) utility. CCED was written in C++ by a newcomer to the programming team here at BBO, Brent Stolle. You can find out more about Brent  here.

Brent has generously donated his time to produce and maintain this utility for the BFV community as part of the BBO stable of utilities. Please send your feedback and suggestions regarding CCED to brent AT blackbagops DOT com.

The beta 4g change-list includes;

    * Added support for editing BFV server CustomCombat settings via CCED

    * Added new "User can edit CustomCombat settings" permission to BVSM(D)

    * Added "Edit CustomCombat settings" command to BVxM Settings button-menu

    * Made auto-kick-language case INsensitive

    * Made auto-kick-language warn 3 times before kicking

    * Made auto-kick-language subject to auto-ban (3 kicks then ban)

    * Added public !nextmap in-game admin command to show next map

    * BxSMD will now remember the idle map setting between runs

    * Fixed bug requiring "User can issue console commands" for kick/ban in BVSM

    * Fixed bug causing in-game admin commands to fail with colon in player name

    * Fixed infrequent crashbug in BxRM when logging player chat

See the BxSM readme.txt file for instructions on how to use CCED with BVxM to edit the server's CustomCombat settings. There is additional information in the CCED readme.txt file in the distribution ZIP archive on the BF Vietnam download page.

Special thanks to Jay Samford from WWS Clan and Mario Massa from SAS Clan or their assistance in testing and trouble-shooting beta 4g.

Important Notice for Linux Server Admins

Do not start bxsmd in the background using & as this is known to cause problems including the dreaded "BABE0000" error. Always start bxsmd in the background using -daemon on the bxsmd command-line or with screen.

Please post bug reports in the following forum threads: BFSM for Windows here, BFSM for Linux here, BVSM for Windows here and BVSM for Linux here.

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