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Towel Day!

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nebenbei eine netter Spot für Handtücher, von You don't know Jack

Billy: Good lunch, Mom! Oops!

Mom: Billy your milk, look out! Oh Billy.

Brazen Paper Towel Man: Out of my way you old bag.

Mom: Who are you and what are you doing in my house?

Brazen Paper Towel Man: I'm the Brazen Paper Towel Man and I'm here to clean up that spill, unless you'd rather use that wimpy sorry-assed paper towel you usually use.

Mom: Well how good is Brazen?

BPTM: How good is Brazen? Shut your trap and I'll tell ya!

Billy: Hey you can't talk to my mom like that!

BPTM: Shut up punk or I'll smack you on the back of the head with my class ring. Brazen Paper Towels eat spills for breakfast. One single sheet of Brazen will sop up a small scummy pond. See that milk?

Mom: Yes

BPTM: Well watch this baby:

*places sheet over milk*

*a scream is heard*

Mom: What was that scream?

BPTM: That was the milk begging for mercy.

Announcer: Brazen Paper Towels. We're in Arthur Daniels Heartland Company (but you don't need to know that.)

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Handtuch Tag ???????????? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Was soll der Blödsinn den??

Naja egal wieder so ein Tag wie jeder andere auch.

LG Buddy

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