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FHSW v0.4 English und German Language Patch v1.1 (Released)

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Schuetze Ausf. 774 2009-7-30 22:49 SITE [返信] [編集]


Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon v0.4

English Language and German Language Patch v1.1

Date: 01/23/2010

Version: v1.1

Made By: Schuetze Ausf. 774


This patch corrects an English language display and a German language display of Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon (FHSW) v0.4.

Please exchange it for "lexiconall.dat" that exists in the folder of FHSW.

- File Download (v1.1)


- Patch Data Sample File


Enjoy FHSW!


Correction example:

- Type5 (Weapon Names)

English new name: Type 4 Automatic Rifle

German new name: Typ 4 Selbstladegewehr

- T26E4 SuperPershing (Vehicle Names)

New Name: T26E4 Super Pershing

- 1st_defence_position (Map Posision Names)

English new name: 1st Defence Position

German new name: 1. Verteidigungslinie

- battle_of_orel (Map Names)



Quelle: FHSW Forum

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Paßt das denn, wenn auf dem Server Contentcheck=1 ist? Oder wird man da gekickt?

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