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Inside a Star-filled Sky

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Bin eben auf das Spiel Inside a Star-filled Sky gestoßen und möchte es euch nicht vorenthalten:

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YouTube Dubber: http://tubedubber.com/#pQaIAhHJvAw:lOJqicM...:0:100:0:0:true

Ich habs noch nicht gekauft (12$ :ermm:, Mal sehen) , sieht aber sehr interresant aus, vor allem wenn man sich die Kommentare so durchliest:

I was trying to make my enemies stronger but ended up making their inner demons weaker, everything was a mess. But then suddenly I was back at level 12 and the journey had been worth it, I died instantly.

I don't know what that means but I love it.

I tried making an enemy weaker. Forgot I'd been pushed inside myself. Vandalized my own powers. Ascended a level and then realized my terrible mistake. O_o

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An sich interessantes Spielkonzept. Nur was bringt es jetzt nochmal, in den Körper von mir selbst, Gegner zu schlüpfen?

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