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New FHSW server hosted in Europe

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Hello all FHSW players,

I have great news to all FHSW players, there is a new European FHSW server with 32 slots funded by D.I.E clan. This server runs all FHSW maps including test maps and FH mappack six.

At the moment FHSW events are being planned in cooperation with Buster and ex DPB members.

Stay tuned for more information about events

You can view our server in the PFC-toolbox/Live ranking and Forgottenhope1.com

This server is ranked on forgottenhope1.com


Clan homepage: www.incredibleelite.ucoz.com



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finally a server, where not just kids are flaming and trolling

I will visit your server as often as it's possible to me

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