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Endless Nameless

[Tutorial] Schätzen von Entfernungen in FHSW

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Als Backup und weil es ein unbekanntes aber doch interessantes Feature ist, reposte ich hier mal mein Tutorial zum Schätzen von Entfernungen in FHSW. Ich muss es leider auf zwei Postings aufteilen, weil sonst die Bilder nicht angezeigt werden, hoffe das geht in Ordnung.

1. Estimating distances with the knive

1) Right click with the knive and look at your designated target.


2) Imagine how tall a person would be if it was standing right next to the target.


3) Now look which bar of your zoomed knive comes closest to that height. In this case it’s 150 m (see first pic). That means that the target is 150 meters away

4) Equip the rifle grenade, right click and aim with the 150 m marker at the center of the target.


5) Fire!


It also works with the knee mortars



...and Bazooka, Panzerschreck etc.

You have to learn a lot of numbers though.


Sometimes you have to interpolate between to bars: The target on this picture is between 50 and 75 m away, aim accordingly.



This technique works well at ranges up to 100 m, anything above can be a bit tricky.

Main source: http://fhseheiki.web.fc2.com/zakki1.html

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2. Estimating distances with the binoculars

2.1 Using the horizontal scale

1) Right click with the binoculars and look at your designated target. Measure the length or width of it in bars by using the binoculars' reticle.


2) The tricky part, you have to know the length/width of your target. Then you can calculate the distance: (Length or width of the vehicle in meters * 1000)/bars

That means for our example: Sherman length = 5,84 m --> 5840 m/18 = 325 m. It's close enough if you just use 6 m as length for the Sherman (the result is 333 m then).

3) Aim with your weapon of choice and fire. You can barely see the Sherman in this picture.


4) I almost hit with the first shot!


You have to be very lucky to hit a target at that distance. But it's accurate enough to give some support fire. Also it can be very hard to calculate the range if you're not good at mental arithmetic.

2.2 Using the vertical scale (thanks to Vano)

This method works exactly like the knive.

1) Look at the vertical scale of your binoculars. This is how you read it:

An imagined (standing) person next to your target fits between the bottom of the vertical scale and the line with the '1' next to it --> Target is 100 m away. 2 = 200 m, 3 = 300 m, etc.

Distance between two horizontal lines = 25 m


2) How far is this Jeep away?


225 m

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