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Guest buschhans

BF2: Dr.Eviltag Mod v3.0 released for SP fans!

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Guest buschhans
After 10 months i am finally releasing v3.0 of my BF2 singleplayer mod! This mod is more bug-free than my previous v2.0 of my mod. The AI are much more challenging and smarter than before, hundreds of new sounds, loads of new textures, lots of custom maps, and much more! while still keeping the original BF2 feel to it. I am really pleased with this new release and hopefully BF2's Singleplayer fans & this mod's fans will be happy too. This mod is a pretty big improvement over my last version. Hopefully everyone enjoy's this mod! And happy holidays! I also prepared two videos for everyone can see what to expect from my singleplayer mod!


Here are the two videos:




Push me for Download me!


Download me as 2nd and install!


This will fix the AK74m sound error found on the medic class of the MEC. Also this will add more higher-quality sounds. Just extract to my mod folder and if it says to replace a folder than press replace. And sorry for the really big size.

Source: moddb.com

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same here wie im anderen Thread ;) ... moddb.com ist keine richtige Quelle. Einfach mal den richtigen Link eingeben und ich glaube kaum das du den Text verfasst hast, also was macht man dann, man Quotet ihn ;-)

Edited by Chuck der Norris

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sachma? 5 Tage Pause damit Du mal meinen Post im anderen Topic in Ruhe lesen kannst.

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