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Alpha Project Version 0.21 Patch Release!

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Jones hat einen Patch für seine Mod Alpha Projekt veröffentlicht. Die 0.20 wird benötigt.


Den Download und Bilder gibts bei ModDB



New featuers
-> added edited flash-menu with new font, color and buttons
-> updated tank-hud, weaponselection and added zoom to mbts
-> updated aerial-hud and new cockpit camera positions
-> added hands to the stationary and vehiclemounted mark19
-> added hands and destroyable window to civiliancar2_rocketpod version
-> added new ub32 missilepod to civiliancar2_rocketpod version
-> added physical s8 missile model
-> allowed choppers to use the flyzone combatarea on the dam map
-> create a tkoth based 16 player layer for the jungle crossing map (cq)
-> create a tkoth based 32 player layer for the thunder run map (cq,sp,coop)
-> localizations and flash menu updates
-> added sa80, fm92a and sa7 pickup kits to various maps
-> different m16 type rifle railcover setup for all variants
-> added new map conversion called Peninsula Raid
BUG Fixes
-> fixed squadleader spawning to work again
-> fixed ticketbleed and area value on some maps
-> changed conflicting vehicle and soldier spawns on various maps
-> changed helicopter heatseaking hud setup to work properly
-> added missing networkinfo to the snowmobile to avoid crashing
-> edited camera positions of stationary lmgs for easyer aiming
-> moved camera position of the ub32 rocketpod gunner position and added zoom
-> added missing ironsight cameras to various vehicle mounted weapons
-> lowered the mass on the bmp2 and 2s1 to be equal with the other tanks
-> lowered the turnspeed of the usi bmp turretrotation
-> removed radio shoutmessage when throwing grenades
-> added missing smokegrenades to the default mec support kit
-> removed dragunov svd muzzleflash when zoomed down the sights
-> lowered the muzzle velocity of mark19 grenadelaunchers to metric vallues
-> reduced the 3p soundvolume of some suppressed weapons which where to loud
-> add stoplight blink effect directly to the trafficlight destroyable
-> removed flagpoles on nonmilitary controllpoints on the wetlands map
-> moved paradrop spawnpoints in frostbite night coop/sp that bots dont get out of bounds
-> fixed strategic neighbours and order positions for coop/sp on thunder run
-> placed some vehiclewaypoints on thunder run to avoid mec tanks get stuck
-> added mobile howitzers to the mainspawn area of thunder run
-> changed last remaining ingame menu colors from yellow to olivewhite
-> moved lod zoom model position of m16,m4 sights closer to the eye for easyer aiming
-> added missing closerange weapon vallues to the dragunov closerange kits
-> changed the bizon smg drop magazine from simpleobject to particle
-> updated python and fixed bugged kit save function
   (if problems still occure, just delete the "selected" folder inside the settings folder of the mod)


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