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Guest buschhans

FHSW new from all for you!

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Guest buschhans



After a couple of weeks ago, we want to present you the next FHSW News. The information comes from the FHSW-Europe Community, thats why we can present you this large mod News about the next comming FHSW update. The FHSW Japanese doing a great job, they post on Twitter and Japanese Topics what they done. They have added new animations, tanks, battle ships, nations, maps, rifles and more. We think they have actually the greatest menpower in matters on the BF 1942 Mods. This guys made a new comming update in the near future possible. But for now check the movie, Download and Pictures. Enjoy the new two Download able maps.


The first special is two new custom maps released:





  • Imperial Japanese Army Air Force vs. Republic of China Air Force
  • Air superiority mode (seven flags, ticket start to decrease when the opposing team secures four of them)
  • Engine damage black smoke effects, engine fire effects, explosion effect, effect of plane crash into the sea
  • Wreckage texture, debris model replacement (?)
  • Chinese paint schemes for I-153 and P-40



FHSW 0.552, please got Forgotten Hope 0.7 before: Download

1.The Sky is the Limit Map + Secret FHSW Mappack Juli 2015:  Download


The actually "The Sky Is Not The Limit" map, what i link you, have a bug in the last update. There was a Ticket bug, and you can not go in the map, because it suddenly ends, before it starts.

Thats why i change the Download to the Juli up to date Map "Beta 1A".

Have fun.

And if do you find a link broken or a bad bug please let me no here ok?


P.S. The 2nd Map Deccan Plateau was last edited in June 2013, so it's highly possible we will see this staff in an upcoming release.

2.Deccan Plateau:  Download

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives\bf1942\levels\  FHSW want to add in the next update lot of content, we want to give you an access to the stand of work:  Netherlands Soldiers Added:




Romania Soldier's:



Textured "Ho-Ri II" tank by "owata":








A new Ratte design. The original hull with new turrets on top of that hul:




"Azami Kureha" is working on a serie of new German giants:  Spähkreuzer:




Design 1047 battlecruiser:






 Hellenic Army: 



Mauser M24 series: 




KV-1 Model 1940 with a German 7.5 cm KwK 40. Know as the Panzerkampfwagen KV-IB 755:




Ho-Ri Tank Destroyer (based on Chi-Ri):







Type 5 Chi-Ri Tank:




T-35 remodel from Frank's Twitter Render (T-28 remodel too?):





Battle Tank E-Series: 10/50/75/100:




New Midway aircraft carriers by "Ouka": 




Stay tuned, on the hg-clan.blogspot.com.



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Guest buschhans

schreib lieber auf deutsch. englisch ist nicht so deine stärke :rolleyes:


Ein Dankeschön hätte mal genügt. Von dir hab ich noch keine News gelesen. Kannst es ja mal auf deutsch übersetzen? Mir ist aufgefallen dasss das Video nicht klappt. Fixe ich gleich mal.

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Ein Dankeschön für seine Kritik hätte gereicht!

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Guest buschhans

Ergänzend zu meiner News, gibt es jetzt ein Operation Varsity Map update!!!




Operation Varsity 22.07.2015 Map: Download


Got it and enjoy, japanese accuracy. ;-)


Of hoe de Nederlander zegt dat is goed.








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