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Hoping to build a server dedicated to Vietnam games Battlefield Vietnam, Vietcong and Men of Valor

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I've been playing Battlefield Vietnam on and off  since it's release  eighteen years ago.  I have spates of activity   in between playing other  favourite battlefield games i.e. BF1942 and Battlefield 2.  Of the three, BFV is my favourite.


  Until  recently I've never  bothered   gathering all of the custom maps the community made both vanilla and modded maps; this time however, I was determined to find as many  mods and maps  that I could find and have spent  the last four months searching out  as many maps   that I can get to work, in single player, coop and conquest.    I  am hoping to check out Botinator to convert the best of the 'conquest only' maps to coop as well.


Then, sometime later this year, or more likely  January to February next year (2023) I'll have  built a dedicated server  that I'm intending to run   BFV, Vietcong and Men of Valor, with maybe a few other older  FPS games such as Battlerfi4ld 1942,  and the early  Men of Honor series (MOH Pacific Assault comes to mind. The server is already part built.


One of the  things I love about these old games is the ability to set up your own dedicated server compared to the latest  games that  basically force you to use the developers servers; so, when they close the  servers down, the games become  unplayable online.

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