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Tanelorn DC Mod v0.5

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Gedownloadet wird hier!

Die Minimod soll für ein bißchen mehr Realität sorgen...

Hier ist die Changelist:

Tanelorn Mod for DC 0.5l

This mod is an attempt to bring DC gameplay closer to how the real equipment behaves.

I have not created this mod to rival the DC team. More, to appeal to hard-liners and prior service. It improves immersion by making the equipment behave more closely to what you would expect from real world counterparts. I *HAVE NOT* taken a truly realistic posture, as we all know how superior US equipment is to third world counterparts.

So please give this mod a try. It's a swift download, and makes no permanent or extensive changes to your DC directory.

Remember this is a work in progress. There is still much more to be done.

Provide feedback in the official Desert Combat forums under the Tanelorn Mod thread.


Revision history

>>> version 0.53 + Battle of the Bulge revision

- Many revisions to BoB including new spawning weapon kits and an extra outpost

- Su-25 given GSH30 dualgun with quicker overheat

- Hind nosegun given more power, still does not harm MBTs and is weak against AFVs

- Flares revised. Flares given to: AH64 pilot, Mi-24 pilot, Mi8 pilot, UH-60L pilot, UH-60Q pilot

>>> version 0.52 (30 Nov 2003) <<<

- Used some DCX code to add nose gunner hellfires

- Added anti-SAM flares to helis (DCX + my changes)

- Gave SU-25 AS-7 missiles

- Set Su-25 gun to 250 rounds

- Gave apache cannon some recoil

- Gave A-10 cannon recoil

- set ground-scan radar for ground attack aircraft

>>> version 0.51 (22 Nov 2003) <<<

- Added many new spawnable classes. Full class listing follows:

(all classes get knife)


Rifleman: AKM, grenades, sandbags

Rifle grenadier: AKM, GP30

Rifleman AT: AKM, RPG-18

Mortarman: AKM, Mortar

Machinegunner: PKM

Light Machinegunner: RPK

Light Machinegunner: RPK-74

Republican guard: Pistol, AK-74, Binocs

Republican guard 2: Pistol, AK-74 scoped, Binocs

Grenadier: AKS-74U, RPG-7

Sniper: Pistol, Dragunov, Binocs (no arty call)

Light Sniper: Pistol, Tabuk, Binocs (no arty call)

Engineer: Skorpion, Mines, TNT, repair, Sandbags

Sabotage: PSS, Saiga, TNT

Anti Air: AKS-74U, Stinger


Rifleman: M16, grenades

Grenadier: M16, M203

Rifleman AT: M16, AT4

AutoRifleman: M249

Combat Medic: M16, Medicpack

Recon: Pistol, M25, Binocs

Combat engineer: Remington 870, C4, repair

Fortification breach: Car-15, SMAW

Ranger: Pistol, Car-15, Binocs, Smoke

Ranger AT: Pistol, CAR-15, AT4

Ranger demo: Pistol, CAR-15, C4

Ranger CQB: Pistol, CAR-15 suppressed

Ranger heavy sniper: Pistol, Barrett light .50, Binocs

Seal Sabotage: Mk23, MP5SD, C4, Smoke

Anti Air: CAR-15, Stinger

- Created Bocage Day 3 testbed, all class kits are present

- Handgrenade ammo count raised to 4

- C4 ammocount raised to 5

- TNT ammo count set to 3

- Eye point in prone position coincides with position of model's eyes.

- MBT gunner view is 2x zoom

>>> version 0.5 (16 Nov 2003) <<<

- Using class system from Tanelorn mod for DC 0.39





Combat Medic

Combat Engineer

Automatic Rifleman





Republican Guard

Combat Engineer


- Small arms using Tan mod for DC 0.39 recoil systems

- Small arms using Tan mod for DC 0.39 iron sights

- Tabuk sniper given real properties, 30 round clip, 7.62x39

- 30mm aa cannon increased by 30%, nerfed vs MBTs

- Avenger damage to planes increased

- Avenger hits given special effect every 5 shots

- M1A1 sabot: 6 second reload, instakill all but MBTs, increased velocity, 3m splash, loses 50% damage from 400m-800m

- M1A1: HP increased to 150

- T72 HEAT: 4 second reload, instakill all but MBT, normal velocity, 10m splash

- MBT turrets maximum angle reduced, minimum angle increased, rotation acceleration reduced

- MBT gunner view is 1.5x zoom

- TOW: Instakill all but MBT

- Small arms damage vs. infantry increased

- 7.62x39 given damage reduction past 200m

- IFVs: 45 degree max angle, 2x rocket reload time

- Shilka: -2.5 degree min angle, given quad fire with heatup, unlimited magazines, long mag reload (250x4 rds per mag)

- M163: 0 deg minimum angle, unlimited mags, long mag reload (1000x1 rds per mag)

- Mobile AA: given air radar, given deviance

- Mines: 1 mine disables IFV, 2 mines disable MBT

- C4: 2 C4 to kill IFV at epicenter, 4 to disable MBT

- Mobile Arty: reduced to 50 HP, arc increased

- HMMWV: HP reduced from 100 to 75

- BRDM: HP increased from 50 to 75

- HMMWV, Technicals, cars, given critical damage system that disables normalls but requires overkill to destroy

- M203, GP30 given 1 second delay to fire

- Destroyed tank turrets no longer fly into sky to kill airplanes

- Valid maps (Co-op, Conquest, TDM):

- Battle of the Bulge

- Berlin (revised)

- Bocage day 3

- Battle of 73 Easting

- Desert Shield

- El Alamein

- El Alamein day 3

- Gazala

- Kharkov day 2

- Omaha Beach (revised)

- Battleaxe (revised)

- Stalingrad (revised)

- Tobruk (revised)


- Holding anims for new weapons are fine, but reload and firing anims are fast due to no custom animations

- New scoped weapons have no scope sway due to no custom animations

- recovering mines with wrench causes crash

- deploying sandbags causes crash (disabled)

- TNT crashes, expects expPack. Iraqis currently using C4

- non-artycall binoculars causing crashes when arty fires (disabled)

- to make AT-4 single fire and disallow ammo-box cheating, AT4 comes with two rounds with infinite reload time.

This can be considered a bug because it is not "disposable" and there are also AI issues with this configuration.

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lol... noch 'ne mod ^^ lol die ist ja echt billig. ich hab' mir schon DCX gesaugt. das einzig wahre ist auch nur DC... B)

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