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Consolenbefehle für BF42

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Ich suche eine Seite wo sämtliche Consolenbefehle für BF42 aufgeführt und beschrieben sind. Ich finde immer nur kleine Beschreibungen, aber ich suche alle!

Hat jemand einen Link auf Lager?



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geht dir anscheinend so wie mir!!!

dir antwortet auch keiner

aber schau mal auf den bf community seiten -- ich denke ich hab mal irgendwo auf einer englischen site die befehle gesehen

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BF1942 Konsolen Kommandos

Battlefield Consolenbefehle für Admins

Konsole öffen: ^

Konsolenadmin aktivieren:

admin.enableremoteadmin passwort

passwort = Euer RCON Passwort

Generelle Konfiguration vornehmen:

admin.execremotecommand "BefehlundVariablen"


Befehl und Variablen


admin.changemap *

* = Mapname

Maps anzeigen: game.listmaps (einfach in der Konsole eingeben ohne admin.exec...)



>admin.execremotecommand "admin.changemap berlin"

Maps anzeigen


Geht auch mit:

>admin.execremotecommand "admin.setnextlevel kursk"

>admin.execremotecommand "admin.runnextlevel"

admin.vehicleffratio *

Wert * = 0 oder 1

(de)aktiviert ff (friendly fire) von eigenen Fahrzeugen.

Beispiel FF einschalten:

>admin.execremotecommand "admin.vehicleffratio 1"

admin.solderffratio *

Wert * = 0 oder 1

(de)aktiviert ff (friendly fire) von eigenen Spielern.

admin.vehiclefftratioonsplash *

Wert * = 0 oder 1

(de)aktiviert den Splash-Damage von eigenen Fahrzeugen.

admin.soldierffratioonsplash *

Wert * = 0 oder 1

(de)aktiviert den Splash-Damage von eigenen Spielern.

admin.kickplayer ID

Kickt den Spieler mit der entsprechenden ID vom Server

Die ID findet ihr folgendermaßen heraus: game.listplayers

admin.banplayer ID

Bannt die entsprechende SpielerID vom Server.

admin.removeaddressfrombanlist IP

Entfernt eine IP von der Banlist

admin.addresstobanlist IP

Fügt eine IP-Adresse zur Banlist hinzu.


Listet die gebannten Spieler auf.


entfernt alle spieler von der banlist.

admin.externallviews *

Wert * = 0 oder 1

(de)aktiviert die externe Kamera, sowie die Nosecam.

Weitere Befehle:

In der Konsole: "admin." eingeben und dann 2x TAB drücken - es werden alle möglichen Konsolenbefehle angezeigt.


game.sayTeam (Team chat)

game.sayAll (Say a message to everyone)

game.listPlayers (Lists players with there id numbers)

game.listMaps (Lists the maps and number assignments in the server rotation)

game.voteMap # (Votes to change the map to the number specified)

game.voteKickPlayer (ID) (Calls a vote to kick a player, to vote enter this command with the same number)

game.voteKickTeamPlayer (ID) (Same thing as votekick but only teammembers are allowed to vote)

game.changePlayerName (name) (Renames your player in-game)

game.dumpNetworkDebugStats 1/0

game.debugCallBackDisabled 1/0

game.useHUD 1/0 (If you want to play this game like a movie, try turning this off)

game.setShadows 1/0 (Toggles shadows on and off)

game.setEnvironmentMapping 1/0

game.setToolTip 1/0 (Toggles tool tip)

game.setRadioToolTip 1/0

game.setCrossHairColor # # # (Adjusts the color of your cross by RGB)

game.setStaticMiniMap 1/0 (When disabled the minimap will rotate to the direction you are facing)

game.setMiniMapTransparency # (The higher the number the more transparent)

game.RadioToolTipColor # # #

game.getIp (Prints the IP in the message window)

game.getLevelName (Prints the name of the level in the message window)

game.enableFreeCamera 1/0 (Enable/disable the ability to look while waiting to spawn)

game.killPlayer (ID) (Kills player with that id number, Admin only)

game.disconnect (Quits the current server)

game.suicide (When you just can't take the horror anymore)

game.setCommonMouseSensitivity # (Sensitivity is most commonly between 0-1)

Air Variables

game.setAirKeyboardSensitivity # (How sensitive your keyboard is when flying)

game.setAirMouseSensitivity # (How sensitive your mouse is when flying)

game.setAirMouseInvert 1/0 (1 for inverted, 0 for uninverted)


game.setInfMouseSensitivity #

game.setInfMouseInvert 1/0


game.setLandSeaKeyboardSensitivity #

game.setLandSeaMouseSensitivity #

game.setLandSeaMouseInvert 1/0


game.setConnection (1-4) (Sets the type of connection)

game.setDisableSound 1/0

game.setChannels # (Sets number of sound channels)

game.setMasterVolume # (How loud the sound will be)

game.setMenuMusicVolume # (How loud the menu music will be)

game.setMusicOnOff 1/0

game.setLocalizedDialog 0

game.setQuality #


game.setHardware #

game.setGameDisplayMode 800 600 32 0 (Those numbers are used as an example)

game.setDetailTexture #

game.setGraphicsQuality #

game.setLightmaps 1/0

game.setRenderWhenSpawnMenu 1

game.setMenuViewdistance #

game.setEffectsQuality #

game.setPerformance #


admin.getRemoteConsoleEnabled (Prints in the console if remote console is enabled)

admin.enableRemoteConsole (username) (password) # (tom_tAylor says to Run the AdminTool on other machines to remotely access and admin the bf1942 dedicated server )


admin.maxAllowedConnectionType (type)

admin.enableRemoteAdmin (password) (Server must execute this command every map. May contain either only letters or only numbers, but no spaces)

admin.disableRemoteAdmin (Stops players from using remote admin)

admin.execremotecommand "command" (Must have command in quation marks to work)

admin.voteMapMajority # (Number should be greater than .01 and less than 1. Number is percentage of voters required to pass. Ex. 0.6 = 60%)



admin.enableMapVote 1/0 (Toggle if you want to allow people to vote for another map)

admin.enableKickPlayerVote 1/0

admin.enableKickTeamPlayerVote 1/0

admin.votingTime # (Sets the number of seconds a player has to cast a vote)

admin.kickPlayer (ID) (Kicks the player with the id you specify)

admin.banPlayer (ID)

admin.changeMap (map name) (Changes the map to the map you Specify by name)

admin.addAddressToBanList (IP)

admin.removeAddressFromBanList (IP)

admin.listBannedAdresses (Lists all banned IPs)

admin.clearBanList (Clears all banned ips)

admin.banTime # (How long someone is banned for, I'm not exactly sure how this works)

admin.tagPlayer (ID) (Not sure)

admin.bandWidthChokeLimit # (again not sure)

admin.allownosecam 1/0 (Allows player to turn off HUD while flying)

admin.externalviews 1/0 (Allows/disallows 3d person view and nose cam)

admin.togglegamepause (Extremely annoying, dont pause unless its for a good reason)

admin.setTicketRatio #

admin.autoBalanceTeam 1/0 (Will disable players from making teams un-even)

admin.delayBeforeStartingGame # (Time before the game will start)

admin.roundDelayBeforeStartingGame # (Time before a new round will start)

admin.soldierFFRatio # (The amount of damage done by a soldier to a teammate)

admin.vehicleFFratio #

admin.soldierFFRatioOnSplash # (The amount of damage is done by FF splash)

admin.vehcileFFRatioOnSplash #

admin.kickBack # (How much you get knocked back by getting hit)

admin.kickBackOnSplash #

admin.timeLimit # (How long the match last)

admin.scoreLimit # (Greatest score before it willstop the match)

admin.restartMap (Restarts the current map)

admin.setNextLevel (map) (Changes or adds the next map)

admin.timeBeforeRestartMap # (How much time until the map will restart)

admin.SetNrOfRounds # (yes that is spelled correctly, sets the number of rounds)

admin.timeToNextWave # (Not sure)

admin.spawnWaveTime #


renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1/0 (Allows you to select the refresh rates in Options/Video)

renderer.extrapolateFrame 1/0

renderer.mipMapBias # (The lower the number, the more detailed the textures are. Anything greater than 13 is the same)

renderer.setVSyncEnabled 0/1 0/1 (You have to list both 1/0 for it to turn on/off)

renderer.getVSyncEnabled (Gives you a 1 or 0 if it is turned on/off)




Console.showfps 1/0 (FPS appears in the top left corner, I recommend you turn off the Message display at the top to see it)

Console.showstats 1/0 (Shows FPS and more info)

Sound These cannot be changed in-game

Sound.setDopplerFactor 1/0

Sound.setRolloffFactor 1/0

Sound.setDistanceFactor 1/0

Sound.setPitchChangeRate #

Sound.showSoundInfo 0

Sound.drawSoundObjects 0



Profiler (Thanks to Greg for describing thisrofiling is used by coders to see what routines are slow in their


profiler.enable 1/0

profiler.report # # 1/0 (The first number is a float and the second is an integer)

profiler.reportfile # # 1/0 (The first number is a float and the second is an integer)

profiler.reportfile (file) # # 1/0 (The first number is a float and the second is an integer)





profiler.enableTimer (timer number)

profiler.disableTimer (Timer number)

profiler.enableVTuneForTimer (Timer number)

profiler.disableVTuneForTimer (Timer number)

profiler.enableTimerByName (Timer Name)

profiler.disableTimerByName (Timer Name)

profiler.enableVTuneForTimerFromName (Timer Name)

profiler.disableVTuneForTimerFromName (Timer Name)



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>admin.execremotecommand "admin.changemap berlin"

geht bei mir nicht

und das mit dem admin.setnextlevel auch nicht!

bitte um hilfe

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