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Linux Server

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Hi people, here's a status rundown since last week.

- I've been spending time reproducing and verifying the bungee effect

  and other known bugs of the current 1.31 release. This week I will

  focus on trying to reproduce these on our current version with simulated

  conditions. As I've mentioned to people in private communication, we

  are pretty certain that we will fix the bungee effect for the next


- Also this week I will begin compatibility testing of our new binary with

  a few of the popular Linux distributions (I use gentoo myself).

- Road to Rome maps work as expected now.

- Before the weekend we had a big LAN playtest here at the office of both

  the win32 and linux dedicated servers and they behaved identically as far

  as everyone involved could tell--a good sign. Performance of the linux

  server binary was pretty amazing: about 1%user+0.5%sys CPU load for 17


  (2100 AMD running a conquest map).

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Bevor ich keine tatsächlichen Verbesserungen sehe, glaube ich nicht daran. Ankündigungen schreiben ist nicht schwer.

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Bevor ich keine tatsächlichen Verbesserungen sehe, glaube ich nicht daran. Ankündigungen schreiben ist nicht schwer.
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sagma... wann wird 1.4 etwa erhältlich sein?

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Ehrlich gesagt keine Ahnung. Im neusten Community- Update vom 11.4 stand auch nicht's drin.

Aber ich schätze mal "schneller als ihr glaubt" (Meinte doch mal wer von EA) :D

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Schon gelesen.

Da bin ich aber mal gespannt drauf. Ab dem 1.4er Patch können sie dann Zwischenupdates für den Linux- Server rausbringen.

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Es gibt wieder einen neuen Linux Server Status report von Andreas Fredriksson (DICE)

Hi people,

there have been easter holidays here in Sweden so this status report is one

day late. I hope you don't mind :-)

Now that you know that the next patch will be called 1.4 and that one of the

new things with it is a "Linux server"; let me clarify what this means.

We are going to release the 1.4 linux server at the same time as the win32

release--but it will still be beta software. We need the freedom to push

out updates more often than with the win32 stuff since our Linux version

hasn't seen the same amount of testing.

So in short, look forward to quick Linux fixes if and when it proves


This is what I'm currently working on:

- Compatibility issues. I have a small lab here with a lot of linux distros


  we're probably going to ship both static and dynamic versions of the


  The dynamic binary works out of the box on Gentoo 1.4 and RH9, but

possibly also

  on other gcc3-based distros. The static binary also works on RH 7.3 for


- Stability, especially w.r.t. AI/COOP mode. The COOP game modes can cause


  crashes sometimes because of non-portable constructs in the AI subsystems.


  are very hard to fix and are very sporadic in behaviour. I probably won't


  the time to fix them all before the 1.4 release so expect COOP to work but


  a few rough edges.

  I imagine the other game modes are the most important for internet servers




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Mal wieder was neues:

* There's a new feature of the 1.4 dedicated server that might

  be interesting to people on this list. I've added a rough

  version of an event logging system which writes out compressed

  XML data to the Logs directory of the mod. This is useful

  for making your own stat engine, problem reporting or

  just to play with.

  You'll find that the file format is very verbose and includes

  a lot of events previously not available, such as exact

  timestamps and information when players enter and exit vehicles

  for example.

* One of the long-standing console bugs have been fixed while

  we were grinding through the bug lists for 1.4. It is now

  possible to say

  admin.executeRemoteCommand "admin.setNextLevel el_alamein"

  and have it work as expected. As a result of this bugfix

  underscores are no longer converted to spaces, and spaces

  work as they should inside quotes.

* Stability and testing: I have to say that I haven't had

  all the time and resources needed to fully test the Linux

  binary, and will probably not have that time before the

  release considering all the win32 work I'm also doing.

  The Linux server will therefore probably stay as an open beta

  program during 1.4, ensuring that we can push out updates

  if critical bugs are found after the release.

  What I can say is that we will support RtR out of the box

  and that we have tested the basic functionality of all

  the game modes (with COOP still acting strangely sometimes).

  As servers appear on the internet, we will be in a better

  position to reproduce bugs as the community finds them

  and work to release updates as soon as possible.



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Es gibt mal wieder was neues:

Linux server status update 2003-05-05

Hi list,

there's not much from me this week. I'm working on win32 bugs at the moment

but the fixes (as you know by now) also apply to the Linux server.

We are building the two releases side-by-side from the same codebase so

nothing will be left out from the Linux release.

On the features side event logging is in, and so is the new client checksum

system which allows you to allow anything (0), allow official (1) or allow

client side mods of your choice (2).



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Und weiter geht es... :D

Linux server status report 2003-05-12

Hi list,

here's a status update once again.

I noticed a strange thing today while doing something unrelated; the linux


always ran at a lower FPS than the windows equivalent. The reason is that


minumum latency you can get as a ordinary user for a sleep call is 10ms. So


though configured for 60 fps the server would end up running at 30-35 fps.

This is the reason the CPU utilization was so low during our playtests and


are no ill effects from this lower FPS. However I'm probably going to make


an option to force the main loop to be more responsive and thereby use much


CPU. This might come as an incremental update later on though.

I have a few Linux specific bugs left to sort out, mostly minor stuff. Coop


still a bit flaky under certain situations but CQ, TDM and CTF work fine.

Please consider the first release from me a technology test release since


a bit has changed. I'll try to update the server once a week if necessary.

I still can't give a release date, but I've been talking with people who


hosting possibilities to ensure a smooth distribution.



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...und wieder ein kleines Update. Hört sich gut an. :D

[bf1942] Linux server status report 2003-05-20

Hi list, here's the usual status report.

It's been a very busy week. Without saying to much I guess you can imagine

that we

are pushing very hard to close the remaining win32 bugs that are blocking a


release. It's going to be a patch with lots of bug fixes and new features.

Most of the Linux work has just been to verify all the win32 fixes and they


to work fine in the Linux server as well. As a small bonus, I've added a


based status monitor you can enable with +statusMonitor 1 that shows the


map, ip, port, number of players, game mode, xpack status and a few other



Once win32-1.4 goes in final testing I'll start my own regression tests and


of the source code to be able quickly release Linux updates.

Please bear with us, we're getting there.


Andreas Fredriksson

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hört sich wirklich gut an. ich bin ja schonma gespannt auf den linux server. werde ich dann gleich mal testen.

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...und weiter geht es.

Linux server status update 2003-06-02

Here's a short status update.

The 1.4 patch is currently in testing at EA--the leaked patch is

broken and should not be used. If everything goes well the patch

should be out this week, which means that I will upload a

compatible Linux open beta at the same time.

A distribution place has been set up at


There's also a forum available there if people want to discuss

stuff not suitable for this list. I will announce the availability

of the beta here and in the forum.

If the forums work out I might use them to collect bug reports

during the open beta program, but otherwise this mailing list

will be the official channel to report bugs and discuss the




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gut, gut, gut...

da scheint sich ja wirklich was zu tun. und hoffentlich gibts bald ne final!

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