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About Me

I like 'em big and I like

'em small

And if I had to take the

oath I would take them all

Give me that ruff stuff

(It's what I want)

She's a saint, she's a


She's a rave, rave, rave

She's a woman, she's a


In every way, way, way

She don't want love

Nor cabaret that's out

She like to play around

That suits me fine

I like it better when she

read my mind

You know, don't want a woman

with a ball and chain

Don't want to play that game


Just give me that ruff stuff

I want ruff stuff

Baby give me ruff stuff

You don't want ruff stuff?

Don't want your face around


Make you shake, make you


Make you pray, pray, pray

Gonna make you quake, make

you quiver

And turn you grey, grey,


I don't need brakes

They slow me down too much

They keep me out of touch

They lock me in

I like it better when I pull

the pin

You know, don't want a woman

with a ball and chain

Don't want to play that game


I like them big and I like

them small

And if they asked me to take

the oath,

I would have to take them


Give me that ruff stuff

Don't want your face round


I don't want your face round

my backyard any more


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