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Bg42: Patch 1.31 Ist Da!

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News in Kürze...

Client (260MB, Patch)

Server (105MB Full Release)

Have Fun! GAU Mirror = schnell ;) Weitere Mirror willkommen...

Patch 1.31 Changelog


[*]Disconnects and CTD´s fixed (hopefully ;-) )

[*]Aberdeen: MGkit position fixed

[*]Kalinin Front : Balancing improved, Axis get more tanks from the start

[*]Siegfried Line: Achilles replaced with M36B1 Jackson, M5A1 replaced with M3A1

[*]Kokoda Path: Fixed Spawnpoints in the axis main base

[*]Ortona, Bizerte, Tigers at Tebourba, Swamp, Mont St. Michel: Bot support added

[*]Bizerte: Henschel changed to Henschel B1

[*]Narvik: Ticket bleed fixed

New thumbnails for the following maps












Vehicle changes:

[*]fixed the aa guns rotational speed (it´s easier to aim now) and damage

[*]fixed damage from 20mm guns on ground vehicles

[*]DUKW network problems fixed

[*]LCT fixed

[*]Henschel B1 added

Mag Size changes

[*]Changed the mag size of the Nimrod to 4 rounds/mag (20 Mags)

[*]Changed the mag size of the Ostwind to 8 rounds/mag (45 Mags)

[*]Changed the mag size of the Panzer II to 20 rounds/mag (10 Mags)

[*]Changed the mag size of the SdKfz 222 to 20 rounds/mag (10 Mags)

[*]Changed the mag size of the SdKfz 234/1 to 20 rounds/mag (10 Mags)

[*]Changed the mag size of the Wirbelwind to 40 rounds/mag (26 Mags)

Other fixes

[*]Added new vehicles from 1.3 to the lexiconAll.dat file

[*]Fixed wrong weapon icons of several classes

[*]Added new weapon and ammo icons for some weapons (ALL weapons will get new icons in following releases :-)

[*]Completely NEW ammo icons for land and air vehicles and stationary weapons. Other vehicles will follow in next release.

[*]Increased the damage from 40mm aa guns against planes. It now takes only 2 direct hits from the Bofors to shoot down small planes, and about 6 to shoot down larger planes.

[*]The 20mm aa guns now deal enough damage to shoot down small planes with 5 direct hits. Please note that these changes only effect stationary AA guns, NOT plane mounted guns !

[*]a few other minor fixes

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Guest Afri Cola

Also, gestern Abend waren wir 12Leute auf dem MOB-Server.

Ist zwar nicht die Welt, aber war trotzdem fett :super:

Heute abend sollten es dann auch mehr werden :bones:

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