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Gameservertools für Bad Company 2

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Dieser Thread bietet eine Übersicht der bekannten Tools zur Administration von Bad Company 2 Gameservern. Damit wir die Themen nicht doppelt anlegen, werden die jeweiligen Tools auf unser Wiki verlinkt

RCON Tools

Serverfähige Rcon Tools (Daemons)

Weitere Tools

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habe noch dieses gefunden:

BC2 Guardian

Currently the program supports following functions:

  • Multiple game servers
  • List of players, divided into teams, with a separate clan tags
  • Support for common server variables such as the number of available slots, the password on the server, game modes, killcams, minimap, hardcore mode, aim sight, etc.
  • Ban list support - by IP or by player nick - list of banned saved to a file.
    (Note: banning currently crashes game server. This error has been reported to DICE)
  • Chat console - with the possibility of sending messages to a specific player.
  • Console events - events recorded from the game like join / leave / kill, etc.
  • Commands in the game! Issued in the chat line with "@" prefix. For example:
    @kick kick a player from the server
    @say send a message to all players
  • Reserve slots - at the moment, this option does not work with DICE servers.Map list settings with game modes (rush, conquest, etc.)
  • Control Panel of Punk Buster.
  • Censor
  • Maplist function

    The list of supported functions will be changed depending on the version of our software.


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BFBC2 PRoCon in der Version BETA erschienen.

Kleiner Überblick:

- bannen, kicken, Textnachrichten, usw. per ingame Chat verschicken (!!)

- Willkommennachricht

- Bannen, Kicken per BFBC2 oder Punkbuster (!)

- Auslesen der GUID - Bannen per GUID

- Programm kann als Server auf einem Root gestartet werden

- Multiaccounts Support

- Multiserver Support

- Update Funktion

- teilweise in deutcher Sprache verfügbar

- noch vieles mehr

Am besten mal selbst testen.


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Custom AutoTeamBalancer BETA:

Der Balancer arbeitet mit Hilfe des BC2 remote admin protokolls und hat bisher folgende funktionen:

Automatischer Ablauf:

-Erkennen einer disbalance -> wait 20 sek

-falls noch immer disbalanced -> warne alle spieler -> wait 15 sek

-falls noch immer disbalanced -> warne nochmal -> wait 15 sek

-falls noch immer disbalanced -> warne denjenigen spieler der zuletzt in das größere team gejoint hat -> wait 15 sek

-falls noch immer disbalanced -> kicke den Spieler. 7 sekunden vor dem kick bekommt der spieler eine nachricht das er jetzt vom autobalancer gekickt wird, damit er auch weiß was er falsch gemacht hat

ingame chat commands (für Admins):

@kick <name> // kickt einen spieler

@last // zeigt an wer zuletzt auf den server connectet hat

@kicklast // kickt den zuletzt connecteten player

@lastswitched // zeigt an wer zuletzt das team geswitched hat

@kicklastswitched // kickt denjenigen spieler der zuletzt das team geswitched hat

@kickable // zeigt an wer gekickt werden könnte um die teams auszugleichen

@balancekick // kickt den @kickable Player, gibt ihm aber zuvor 15 sekunden zeit das team zu switchen (warnungen und kick laufen automatisch)

Quelle und Download:


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Wolfcon Server Admin Tool 1.02b release


Fixed an issue where clan immunity does not work for instant on death team balance.

Fixed an issue with VIP invite kick where sometimes kick does not happen.

New Features:

Sub Admin Profiles- You can now generate sub admin profile strings for limited permission without use of Daemons.

Admin Count Down - new ingame command /countdown <num> which will do a count down with finishing "Go!". default 3

New kick the lowest score player option for VIP invites


Wolfcon Server Admin Tool 1.01b


Fixes an minor issue with voting system


Voting system now checks player names to avoid multiple votes from the same player, (1 vote per player now)

Balance immunity player / clan tag replaced by Server Immunity Player list(OR ServerVIP List), Clan list, allow you to speicify multiple names / clans, as well as making them immune to votekicks/bans VIP invite kicks/ balance. Those of you who run VIP donators servers prob want this.

Instant team balance on death, this feature is like the current team balance, but does not give multiple warnings, the next death after the team warning has been issued on the bigger team will be swapped.

VIP invite kick system, the system can now kick (via option) the last joined player who is not on the immunity list when an VIP invitation is issues either from the server or php website

Profiles are now saved automaticlly, also re-giggled the interface a bit to make more room for the newly added controls.

quelle: http://www.lionguards.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=23

Teambalance wurd angepasst^^

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