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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Mehr Bilder! ^_^



























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Ja, da sah aber deutlich bescheidender aus...

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Sieht echt nice aus. Gabs sowas nich schonmal und wurde dann eingestampft? :)


es gibt auf Steam noch 2 Dino Suvival Spiele, Beasts of Prey und theHunter: Primal

dann gab es mal ein 3., the Stomping land, oder so ähnlich, aber das find ich auf steam nicht mehr.

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Das Spiel sieht richtig gut aus und könnte definitiv was werden. :awesome:

Nicht so wie der restliche oben genannte Mist. Hab alle ausprobiert. :D

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Ein paar News + Artworks ^_^


Welcome to the ARK! Coming to Early Access, June 2

Welcome, Survivors! This is it! This is where your open-world dinosaur survival fantasy finally comes to life. ARK: Survival Evolved is being announced for Steam and consoles, and this one’s the real deal. For an initial visual primer on what ARK's all about, have a look at the Announcement Trailer:


And check out the detailed Steam Features list for more info!

As young kids, we played with our dinosaur toys and imagined ancient, lost worlds where such massive creatures roamed free -- we also cried our eyes out through repeated viewings of “The Land Before Time”, and we’re not afraid to admit it. As we grew, we were captivated by the mere thought of exploring the towering cities of “Dinotopia”. “Jurassic Park” took this all to a new level, and thrilled, excited, and even touched us with its time-honoured animatronics, mind-boggling puppetry, and the terror of facing down what is still regarded as the most impressive T-Rex to ever grace cinema. 

We here at Studio Wildcard love games -- many of us have been making them all of our lives, and don’t know anything else. Others are simply engrossed with passion for creating a living, breathing world filled with the prehistoric creatures of our dreams and nightmares. Together we are a veteran team of artists, engineers, and designers who have dedicated our minds, bodies, and souls to one singular proposition: bringing those fantasies to your home entertainment system in one of the most ambitious hardcore large-scale survival experiences ever devised. 

Early Access is going to give us the chance to share that dream, share that passion and the drive towards these goals with those of you who want the same thing. We’re not shy about this -- all of us are giving 200% to this project, but there is so much knowledge, passion, insight, and skill in the wider gaming community that we want your help to design ARK to be as amazing and addictive as it can possibly be. We’re here to listen, and we’re here to grow this game, with you. 

The next 3.5 weeks to Early Access release will continue to be tireless development for us, but we’re also going to be here reading what you have to say, letting you know what’s going on with our side of the project, and polishing every single system we possibly can to make sure when this hits Early Access, it’s already everything that we’ve described on our Steam page. As we move into Early Access, we can further focus on polish, enhancement, and even more content to flesh out and expand the primeval world of ARK until it’s the most fantastic place you’ve ever explored, so much so that you’ll never want to leave -- assuming you’re powerful enough to get out alive in the first place! 

Plus, we’ve got soooo many dinosaurs (and other extinct creatures). We’re not kidding about that. And you can tame pretty much ALL of them. 

Come join us in building something spectacular. Something that’s going to set the bar for all future survival games, and all future dinosaur games. It’s going to be a wild adventure, and we want every one of our Survivors along with us. After all, evolution is best served by genetic diversity, and life finds a way… ;-) 

Yours truly, 
The Studio Wildcard & ARK Dev Teams 


P.S. Expect more info shortly about our standardized every-other-day news schedule, and in the meantime, enjoy these first Dino Dossiers that we've released on the game's announcement. There are tons more to come :) 







The ARK Digest - Page 1

Hello survivors!

Welcome to the first edition of the ARK Digest! This will be a weekly announcement series that will be posted every Wednesday across all social hubs. It will include descriptions of some of the new features added to the game during development, why we may have added them, providing answers to questions you've asked, as well as any other piece of information we would like to share. 

Now let’s get down to business... :) 

New Features!

Field of View Slider aka FOV Slider

Yesterday a FOV slider was introduced to ARK as a setting option. This is used to indicate how much you can see in a first person setting. To put it simply, the higher the FOV the more of your surroundings you’ll be able to see. Our slider will scale from 80 to 110. 

There was a lot of enthusiasm shown in various places regarding an FOV slider, this was primarily demonstrated on the Stream discussion boards and live in twitch chat! During Jesse’s one on one interview with twitch-streamer Lirik! You can check that out below. Worth a watch if you've yet to see it! 

The passion displayed really showed that this was an important feature to have and we want to make sure we follow through with what we can to our Community’s wants and needs. Thanks again for being so passionate, it really does make an impact on the game. <3 lirikH 

Official PvE Servers

Survivors by the dozen mounted with Dinosaurs and took to the Steam forums to rally against the developers and their decision not to have Official PvE servers. Fearing for their lives, the Developers have yielded and decided that there will be Official PvE Servers come Early Access! 

In all seriousness though, that topic was great! Soooo many of you showed up and voiced your opinions and concerns, you didn’t put down having PvP servers, you didn’t put down our initial stance, you explained why you want PvE servers and how happy it would make you – which is something that we wouldn’t to deny, so you guys will have it! There shall be PvE servers, as well as PvPvE servers for launch! Everyone will get to play where they want and how they want! 

Whoop whoop. 



The ARK Digest - Page 2

Your questions, our answers!

Survivor, Egotesticle of the tribe Clan Magnus Legio, asks “Can we tie unconscious players to Dinosaur(s)?”


Yes! When you knock a survivor unconscious their body will act as if it’s a rag-doll. This will give other survivors the opportunity to pick them up, move them, spin them and even throw them. This feature also works with Dinosaurs and other tameable creatures, so you will be able to drag around both unconscious and dead bodies. Make sure you’ve got enough carry weight though, if you’re already maxed out – you’ll struggle to pick up the body! 

Survivor, A Very Mysterious Potato asks, “What kind of things can you grow on your own?


Well apart from your survivor’s and tamed creature’s abilities we’ve got a pretty intricate farming system ;) 

Initially, you’ll need to do some gathering before you’re able to set up a farm. Whilst playing the game, you’re likely to pick up seeds from foliage. Save these seeds as they’ll come handy later on. 

The first step to creating a farm would be to make a water irrigation system. This is done by using a pipe, crafted from stone, and transferring water to a connected spout. Once you've successfully created the hydration system, you’ll need to then work on crafting a crop plot. They come in various shapes and sizes, however the elementary one is big enough to grow one crop.

Once you've gathered the materials to place your crop box, ensure that it is placed near your spout so that it’ll actually water your plants! Then place one seed you've collected inside the crop plot. 

Apart from that you’ll also need to make a compost pot which will help to create the fertilizer necessary to grow your crops, this is created with the use of thatch from trees and poop, in a compost bin! Dinosaur poop tends to be higher quality but human poop can also be used to compost into fertilizer. Later on we intend for certain specific dinos to have extra high quality fertilizer-ready poop. We love poop and all that it provides. 

Add the fertilizer to crop plot with the seed and you’ll begin to see some growth. It takes a few day/night cycles for the crop to fully grow. You’ll be able to see it visually progress throughout this period. 

As for what you’ll be able to grow, all of the berry seeds you pick up whilst playing the game can yield large crops. For instance, one of the common berries are known as a Narcoberry. If you get a Narcoberry seed, you plant it and it grows – it’ll turn into a Nacroberry Bush and you’ll get a handful of Nacroberries from it. 

However those aren't all you can grow! You’ll also be able to grow different crops which won’t yield the typical berries, but instead special fruit/veggies which you’ll be able to use as a source for food and hydration! But wait, there’s even more – these fruits and veg have even more uses! You’ll be able to use them in special recipes in a cooking pot to make soups as well as medicines and buffing tonics! 

Survivor, JasonB, asks “Dinosaur Mechanics? – In-depth discussion of how we can tame and what we can do with tame dinosaurs”


Taming! One of the many pivotal features of ARK. Taming is an incredibly rewarding part of the game and we recommend everyone who wants to compete at the highest level to look into it, as the advantages creatures can provide are amazing! 

The way you tame is fairly simple, the first step to taming will be knocking a creature out. This can be done in a variety of ways. The first choice you have available to you, are your fists. If you’re strong enough, you will be able to punch a Dino until it gets knocked out. 

Careful though, as you’ll take some damage by fist-fighting and you may actually kill the Dino in the process – and unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring him back to life. There have been no witnesses of a miracle, thus far. 

The next choice you have available to you are ranged weapons. When used correctly, they are effective at knocking out creatures. The entry-level and highly-efficient weapon would be the Slingshot. It’s cheap to craft, and there’s plenty of ammo available to use. Just keep hitting that creature, preferably in the head, and eventually you can knock it out! 

The last weapon we’re going to talk about currently, is the bow. This is more costly than the other ones, but proving you have the resources you will find that it is a lot more effective! A bow equipped with some carefully-crafted Tranquillizer arrows can put most creatures to sleep, as long as you land your shots quickly and especially if you pull off headshots! 

How fast a creature gets knocked out is based on how quickly you can apply torpidity. Torpor is how we measure the rate of consciousness, zero is fully conscious, and once it reaches a certain threshold, which is unique to each creature, you become unconscious. Once a creature has been knocked out, it begins the taming process. What you’ll need to do is gain its trust back and let it know that you’re its friend. You do this by feeding it and taking care of it until it wakes up again, remember to keep an eye on its consciousness as if it wakes up before it can fully trust you, there will be hell to pay. You can keep it knocked out by applying more blunt trauma, feeding it narcotics, Narcoberries or using a Tranquilizing weapon. 

This process can take a variable amount of time depending on what you decide to tame. Researchers have found that certain food has proven to be more effective at taming creatures, and a good diet can lead to a healthy and stronger creature. Each creature is unique in the rate at which they eat food, and depending on the creature you’ll find that they may have a taste for different things. Ensure that you always have something to feed it when it’s hungry during this process, otherwise it may become resentful and you’ll slowly lose progress. 

Once a creature has been successfully tamed, it will become your ally and your tribe’s ally. It trusts you, so you should trust it. A scorpion would never hurt its friend, so do not fear it. As to what tamed creatures are capable of, Survivors have noted that they are incredibly easy to train. They will follow, stay, eat, carry materials, and attack on command. They can be told to guard and protect, therefore they only act aggressively when aggression is shown towards them or their friends. Also they can be trained to be hostile to those who are not part of the tribe. 

So far we've discovered that many creatures have their own unique talents, the Brontosaurus is incredibly effective at clearing forests and gathering foliage. The Ankylosaurus is an absolute monster when it comes to mining , and the Scorpion’s tranquillizing attacks are a hunter’s best friend! As we continue our research into the creatures, we’ll be sure to learn more about what they can provide for us. 

That’s all for this week’s Q&A on the ARK Digest! If you've got anything you want to ask for next week, be sure to check the thread which will be posted later on!

A new Dino Dossier has been posted, this one is everybody’s favorite cave-dwelling snake, the Titanoboa!


What else? Give us more!

Dino Dossier
Recently an expedition took place where Survivors dove into a shallow lake to learn more about the species


And other news… Missing Survivors

A recent expedition has taken place where a group of Survivors head deep into one of the caves in search for the mighty Titanoboa. Their aim was to tame the beast and bring back it to above ground. We have not yet heard from them, however a carcass of a beast was found with what looks to be the remains of a survivor. It appears we still do not have the knowledge or the ability to tame the cave-dwelling reptile. Still to this day there have only been a few sightings of the beast where a Survivor has made it out alive. 

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks ARK Digest! 

Your friendly neighborhood Community Manager, 


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Sieht aus wie noch son DayZ-WarZ-WhateverZ-Cashgrab. Berichtet aber mal weiter. Szenario ist interessant.

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Und bitte pack das mal in nen Spoiler.

Stundenlang zu scrollen nervt.

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What sets this Early Access survival game apart from the rest of them? I can see that it looks promising, but so does DayZ, Rust, Beast of Prey, Stomping lands...you get the idea. I want to know what makes Ark special. If its just another carbon copy E-A survival, then why bother with it if I can find something almost identical to it?





This is a very fair question to ask and I'll do my best to respond. We understand that there has been a lot of faith lost in the Early Access community, due to recent games coming out and not living up to expectations or providing what they promise.

It's perfectly reasonable to be hesitant when looking at ARK. Too many times have gamers been let down by development teams for not carrying out what they've promised, you guys put money on the line, you put time on the line and you really invest into our projects and for what often seems like nothing but a waste of time and money.

We want to be the team that does it differently. We believe that Early Access is a very valuable tool. It is a way for developers to work alongside the players to forge something great, a game truly for gamers - I know that sounds cliche but it's true. So many people do not effectively use early access, they waste it's opportunity, they fail to realize it's power. However at the same time, it's a great risk for the developer as well as potentially, a great boon. In a sense, a lot of other companies have failed by promising and not delivering. We differ to that because everything you've seen, everything we've promised - It's already done.

We can't fail to deliver something we've already finished. That would be impossible heh. All the features in the trailer are already in the game. I have tested it, I have played with them. Now we're going to use Early Access, not only to refine those features so they're even better - but to also expand and work on new things.

Now, how are we going to take advantage of Early Access? Firstly we're going to be in a constant flow of communication between players, in our case - survivors, and the developers. It's also going to be my job to help ensure that this flow of communication does not stop. You can take a look at the questions we've answered on the steam forums about the features in the game, things that we've been working on and things we are considering to add - though we will never make a promise we can't keep.

We plan to release a Trello Roadmap come Early Access so you can see what our aims and objectives are. You will know what we're going to be working on. We will be releasing features such as the ARK Digest to show you what we have worked on recently, any decisions made because of the impact from the Community, as well as explaining core features and systems in the game.

Another way we're going to stay on our toes is by constantly developing. Our team hopes to release updates every couple of days. You won't have to wait long for patches or changes, we want to get them out there functional and ready to be tested in a large scale environment.

We're also focusing on a lot of core issues that have affected other games, such as cheating. A lot of fun games with a lot of potential are plagued by cheaters and this is a huge problem in the gaming world. Of course there are always going to be hackers and cheaters, seriously - there is no game in the world that won't have someone who will attempt to hack or cheat. ARK has been designed in a way to help fight against cheaters and here's a little in-depth quote from one of our developers at how we plan to tackle it:

It's difficult, because for the most part, unless you've worked on games, or at least worked inside of a client+server architecture, the words "server-authoritative" are meaningless to you; it's even still a bit esoteric when you hear "the client just inputs commands to the server", or "the server just replays the movements and sends them to the client", because people don't really understand the consequences of this kind of architecture.

Essentially, the way our game is structured, is such that your client, the thing you use to play the game, anything you input from your computer has to talk to our server, and our server serves as a referee.

We set the rules, of course, on our server. On games like Rust, H1Z1, etc, they have their server "trust" the client with some things. For instance, it may trust the client to tell it where your character's position is in the world, or what direction your character is facing. It might "trust" the client to tell it how fast your character is moving, or it might "trust" the client to tell it when damage is taken.

This architecture (Client+Server authoritative) makes it possible for hackers to "lie" to the server, because the server trust the client. So the hacker can make the client tell the server "I did not take damage" any time that the player takes damage, and so the server "trusts" the client, and just accepts that the player did not take damage, even if they did.

With a server authoritative architecture (the kind we use), we do not trust the client about ANYTHING. The client does not get to say if you took damage, or how fast you are moving, or what direction your character is facing, etc. The client can only send your inputs to the server, so if you say "I'm flying", the server does not trust you, so you simply cannot fly. If you say "I did not take damage!" the server does not trust you, so you will still take damage. All of this information is calculated on the server, which is under our control (at least on official servers.)

When you press "W", though, the server gets a notification that you pressed "W" and then goes ahead and moves your character in the way that pressing "W" would move your character, and then tells your client that you moved in a specific way.

If you tell the server that you just fired your gun, and your target was someone who was behind you, the server will know that that action was impossible, and will simply ignore your impossible action. After all, the client is not to be trusted, so if the client SAYS it did something, but the server disagrees, the server is always right. Always.

So, after we've established that nobody can convince the server to do anything that's impossible inside the game (such as flying, or shooting people through walls, or shooting them from a million miles away, or preventing fall damage, etc.) we've got to acknowledge that there are hacks that can directly target your software: Aim bots, edits that remove trees/bushes/walls/etc. The effect of these can be mitigated by the server-authoritative architecture (such that, for instance, if someone shoots at you from across the map while you are in the jungle, and they can see you, they still can't actually stop the trees that would be in the way from existing (server says they exist, server is always right.) so their bullet will be calculated by the server as having hit a tree, and that's that.

But we will have VAC! And VAC is extremely good at catching people who use these software-based hacks. These kinds of hacks, while impossible to prevent in an active way, can be dealt with passively (with bans by VAC and by server admins, and us!).

So, these two things together will make it very difficult for people to gain any substantial advantage through hacking.

Naturally, we'll be keeping an eye on this, and encourage users in Early Access to not just attempt to hack our game, but to tell us if they succeed, and to reveal their methods so that we can patch anything that might come up or be possible to prevent on our end. We'll probably offer bounties or other such encouragement to get people who enjoy hacking who decide to come to us with their methods, as well.

Hope that helps :)

The Right Hand

As you can see, we take the game and development very serious over here at Studio Wildcard. Now interestingly enough you mentioned The Stomping Land, no one from our team was involved in that game but a lot of us were anticipating it and wanting to play it. Similarly to you, we were let down. We will learn from the mistakes of other studios and ensure that ARK does not suffer the same fate and also, as something a little cheeky we've got a little surprise planned for those who have purchased TSL on steam :). Hopefully you'll enjoy it. It'll be another way we want to give back to the Dino community in the gaming world <3

I've written a lot here plus copypasta hehe.. and may have gotten off-topic but I hope you'll consider giving us a shot. However if you're still hesitating, that's perfectly fine and understandable. The amount of times people have been screwed over by developers and studios is shocking. I'd recommend you stay tuned, watch this space, follow us on social media, watch videos - just see what we do. Don't put any money in, and only then - when you see us deliver and realize that we're legitimate and really want the best for our players, hop on board because we'll gladly welcome you as a member of our community.

If you're wondering who I am, I'm Jat and I work for the Studio as the Community Manager, prior to that I was involved heavily in the QA process and I can assure you guys - this is the real deal. I have already enjoyed playing hundreds of hours on the game and I miss it - haven't had much time to play in a while :).

Hope this helps shed some light.

P.S we also have dodos and dinosaurs and you can force feed people poop .. do you need any other reasons why you would want to play a game?! hehe (plenty more reasons to give us a shot.. we'd be here for hours discussing them though, best wait til you can form a solid opinion about us and make an informed decision :))


I re-read your question.. and there's more I'd like to write... but I'll have to do it later when time-permits.


Das Team scheint keine unbekannte Truppe zu sein. Hier mal das Profil des Lead Entwicklers:



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Das Spiel wird jeden moment auf steam veröffentlicht, bin leicht angehyped von dem spiel ^^

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Mein Fazit nach dem ersten Abend: Schlechteste Performance die ich je bei nem EA Game hatte aber auch das beste Gameplay in dem Bereich. Hoffe die Jungs bekommen das noch optimiert. 

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Immer noch unspielbar, obwohl ich gestern sogar 40+ FPS hatte. Außerdem relativ öde (war auf keinen Server, da kein Bock auf PvP).

Gibt nicht mehr zu tun als in anderen Survival Games... also nicht viel.

Sah vielversprechend aus. Tja...

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Immer noch unspielbar, obwohl ich gestern sogar 40+ FPS hatte. Außerdem relativ öde (war auf keinen Server, da kein Bock auf PvP).

Gibt nicht mehr zu tun als in anderen Survival Games... also nicht viel.

Sah vielversprechend aus. Tja...

Content gibt es ohne Ende. Wir haben mit der Gruppe schon ne Base mit Bewässerung, Kompost und Dinogehege aufgebaut. PVE ist konstant vorhanden. Kühlschrank und Klimaanlage kommen auch bald. Es gibt Dungeons, Endbosse und Unterwasser Höhlen. Das ist imo mehr als alle anderen Survival Games haben. Hast du schon Dinos gezähmt?



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