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Hallo zusammen,

nachdem die Beta mittlerweile nicht mehr spielbar ist, würde uns - das BF-Games Team - interessieren, wie euer Eindruck war und was euch gefallen/nicht gefallen hat. Hier könnt ihr gerne euer Feedback hinterlassen und eure verschiedenen Meinungen zu den Spielmechaniken diskutieren. Wir sind gespannt wie unsere "Alte-Hasen-Community" das so sieht.



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Hier mal mein Feedback was ich ins offizielle Feedbackforum gepostet hatte:


BF1 Beta Feedback

Before I start with this wall of text full of feedback, I want to say, that BF1 offers a great change in gameplay compared to the last few games of Battlefield. All these lock-on weapons and dozens of attachments became pretty tedious recently. I was very glad to see this being changed.
Although the map choice was not very optimal as single map (missed the variety) for the Beta in my opinion, I had plenty of fun and a lot of awesome moments during the 25 hours I played it.
I really hope the following feedback will help to improve the game even further.

Technical issues

•When starting the game and Alt+Tabbing back into the game, the game resolution is set significantly lower than the monitor resolution for a short time, which messes with the window sizes in multi-monitor setups. Wasn’t the case with Battlefront&BF4
•Round starting timer is messed up, some team members have already crossed the map before others are even able to select the spawn. The round starting timer of BF4 needs to come back.
•Key bindings are not always working. E.g. a bind for opening the map, sometimes worked and sometimes not. Not sure if the bug was only occurring in specific vehicles. The button was bound for all the different vehicle classes though!
•Matchmaking once put me in a server with 100+ ping although there were plenty of low ping servers available in my region (EU).
•At the beginning of the Open Beta, the Lobby/Squad/Join system often did not work properly. Not sure if this has been fixed or if it was a server problem. (Not during the DDoS attack, rather on early access day)
•Some friends I played with, had blurred images with the default video settings. It helped them to set the frequency in-game from 60Hz to 50Hz.
•The performance was very unstable in the Beta. Lots of framedrops, stuttering and mouse lag despite of usually 70-100 fps (apart from framedrops). Also there might be a memory leak which lowers framerate and increases stuttering after 10-20 minutes of gaming.
•Quitting the game takes unusually long time. Also the options menu is very unresponsive at times.
The spawn selection screen often broke and stopped showing buttons and didn’t react to key presses. Opening+Closing the options menu didn’t fix it. Only rejoining the server helped.


•It wasn’t possible to select slot 3 and 4 of the inventory with the mouse wheel. Starting at day ~4 the mouse wheel stopped working completely and turned the player left/right instead.
•Vehicles were despawning frequently. (Known bug)
•The legacy bug of vaulting+resetting the vault over small obstacles happened way too often. The mechanic needs a rework.
•It is possible to shoot after dying in certain guns/stationary guns/vehicles. (Also happening in BF4)
•Gun seat 5 in the Armored Train aims way too low.
•Sometimes Scout weapons only dealt ~15dmg per hit on normal people. (I’m not 100% sure if the opponent was a normal player or the sentry, but they looked like normal ones for me in these situations.)

UI/UX feedback

•The current mechanic of skipping the revive timer needs some work. First of all: When I want to skip the revive, the bar barely moves faster when pressing space, it should move as fast as the bar when no more revive is possible (as it is when dying with a vehicle). Secondly, dead players should show the revive symbol to other players by default. And last but not least, the dead player should see more prominently, if a medic is nearby or not. It’s not obvious enough in the current state.
•The music volume was not adjustable. The scoreboard sounds were not affected by the volume control in the options.
•There should be a 3rd person view for every seat in every vehicle. E.g. side gunner seats in Landships.
•Custom sensitivity in tanks wasn’t always working
•There is no button bound for making screenshots. It’s not even possible to bind one. This is a thing since BF3 or so. Typing “screenshot.render” in console is very unpractical.
•There should be a server sided setting, which allows Squad creators to manually enter Squad names. For example: “Anti-Tank Squad”
•For value settings (e.g. mouse sensitivity and render scale) in the options menu, there should be an additional field to be able to manually enter values (See CS:GO for example).
•3D spotting seems to be nerfed on distance by being less obvious. But the spotting itself only works half of the time. This shouldn’t be a thing. It happened frequently, that even spotting enemies 3-4 times didn’t work.
•Ping values with 3 digits were overlapping with the ping symbol and therefore making it very hard to read.

Map feedback

•Some of these points were already mentioned several times, but I’m listing these for the sake of completeness as well.
•E is far too distant from the other flags to make it interesting for the average player to cap it. The tank hunter Elite Class also is too weak to make this flag interesting enough. My suggestion: Reduce the distance by about a third of the current distance towards D and also add some few rocks for additional infantry cover.
•D flag could use some more cover. The red train is no cover at all since it’s made of thin paper. Another small train station building on the desert side of the flag might be an option to make it more interesting.
•The map overview of the spawn selection screen is not fitting the orientation of the minimap! It’s rotated by 180°. Makes squad communication very confusing at times. (North=South)
•The contrast between dark&bright parts of the map is way too much. It’s almost impossible to see players standing inside windows and also in the canyon near F players in the shadows are invisible like ninjas.
•The player visibility in front of rocks (near F and behind B at the edge of the map) is very bad. Rewards campers.
•The player spawns are pretty poor. It’s not happening rarely, that you end up closer to another flag from where you actually wanted to spawn.

Balance feedback

•There might be plenty of AT options, but they are in general a bit too weak.
The AT gun can only be fired when being prone, which makes shooting it pretty inflexible. Also for being handicapped like this, the damage and/or ammo count is too low to make it a good option. There are not always 3 other Assault players close to you to help taking out a tank. One idea: Increase the bullet amount by 1 and make it possible to shoot in crouched position.
•Almost all of the other AT measures are only for close range which motivates tank drivers to avoid close range engagements. -> Leads to tanks camping behind distant rocks. They can repair themselves and become annoying opponents.
•The Tank Hunter Elite Class also is no viable alternative (Not even thinking about the spawn position) to the AT rocket gun simply because it just does a similar amount of damage. Only the bullet travel speed is significantly higher.
•Light tanks are overpowered in its current state. Especially against infantry – also because of the AT measures mentioned above. Lowering the health a bit and increasing the shell spread of the alternate fire (default light tank) might balance things out.
•Gas grenades should be able to affect drivers in light armored vehicles (Basically every vehicle besides heavy tanks). Would enable interesting tactics like blocking roads for a few seconds.
•K bullets could be able to kill drivers of the light armored jeeps with a headshot through the armor. Might be an idea to playtest with devs.
•Especially on Sinai Desert, more weaponless transport vehicles would make sense. The amount of Tanks will only be ok, if the AT measures get a slight buff.
•Every class except for the Scout felt handicapped on Sinai Desert. I understand why the different weapons were balanced the way they are, but I disagree on the “how”. Right now the weapons are balanced by increasing the RNG spread which makes shooting on long ranges incredibly frustrating. The only non-scout weapon which is not really affected by this (imo), is the Selbstlader of the medic. I highly recommend decreasing the inaccuracy of all the weapons and instead reduce the damage over distance(and maybe even increase the bullet drop) to balance the guns and classes. If the weapons stay like that, the scout class will easily be the most prominent class in the full game. But don’t misunderstand me, playing the scout is so much fun! So instead of nerfing it, buff the other non-scout weapons.

Gameplay feedback

•The bayonet charge needs a separate key. Or at least the option to change the binds manually. Currently, the charge happens way too often unintentionally. I think 4 of 5 charges I’ve seen were unintended ones.
•On horses, it should be possible to use the saber left-handed by switching the camera from right to left.
•About the reverse changing accuracy mechanic of the support weapons: At first it’s very unintuitive that the guns become more accurate the longer you fire it, but you actually get used to it kind of fast. As it can be seen in BF2142, this gameplay mechanic can work. There are a few things to keep in mind though: Slow tap firing always needs to be the most accurate. This mechanic should definitely not apply to the SMGs of the Assault class. I’m not entirely sure what the case is, but I’m unfortunately no longer able to test it myself since the beta is over. But I can say that I was confused by this when changing classes between Assault and Support.
•The new CQ ticket system messes too much with the classic Battlefield Conquest Gameplay imo. For example it causes that even less people revive other players (there are already too few people reviving because of the “missing” icon, the new ticket system doesn’t help there). I’d simply reset the system to the old one.
•Instead of skipping the revive as a dead player, why is it not a thing to simply skip the revive screen while still being able to be revived?
•All vehicle passengers should be able to hear the repair sound, the driver hears. On a few occasions, random vehicle passengers were complaining, why I wasn’t changing directions/wasn’t driving.
•And the last point for today: The suppression effect makes the weapons way to inaccurate. This could be toned down a bit to make it less annoying.

Hopefully this wall of test wasn’t too annoying to read and will help you finalizing Battlefield 1.



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Hab den Fragebogen auch ausgefüllt. Die Fragen sind teilweise schon sehr detailliert. Hoffen wir mal, dass sie genügend verwertbares Feedback zusammen bekommen.

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Endless Nameless, vor einer Stunde:

Bei einer Frage soll man den erreichten Rang eintragen, wie finde ich denn den heraus? :huh: Danke.

kann man nicht mehr sehen, die https://www.battlefield.com/career wurde schon wieder deaktiviert, da hättest du all deine stats sehen können.

ungefähr wirst du es aber noch wissen, dann schreib halt den rang rein an den du dich erinnerst

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Also ich fand das in BF1, sehr viel Potenzial steckt ala Back to the Root´s.
Dice hat es mal wieder bewiesen, das sie es doch noch drauf haben. Und EA, hat es scheinbar auch eingesehen, das Hardline absoluter Rotz war. Sie sollten es eben doch weiterhin Dice machen lassen. Den nur Dice hat die Erfahrung in der Welt von BF. 
Ich freu mich auf jeden auf BF1 und hoffe viele stunden spaß zu haben :)


Sorry für die Rechtschreibfehler ;)

Legastheni zwingt mich in die Knie :D

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Bin mir nicht sicher wo ich es sonst reinschreiben soll.

Habt ihr evtl irgendwo in der Beta (PC) gesehen wo man die Hz einstellen konnte ? Bzw. bei der Server Wahl was mit Hz gelesen ?

Kann es sein das BF1 die ganze Beta lang mit 60Hz Lief ? Habt ihr was gelesen, darüber ob 30Hz endlich vom Tisch ist ?

Danke für die Infos.

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Du hast ja schon nen anderen Thread über Hz laufen.


Kurz um ich glaub du gehst da deinem technischen Unwissen auf dem Leim und bringst da wohl irgendwas durcheinander. Weil das geschriebene gibt irgendwie doch recht wenig Sinn.

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El_Exodus, vor 7 Minuten:

Die BF1 Server laufen standardmäßig mit einer Tickrate von 60.

Topo, danke für die info ^^

Wo hast du den die info gelesen wenn ich fragen darf ?

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Sexodus kann nicht lesen, der erfährt sowas immer über Bettgeschichten mit EA-/ DICE-Mitarbeiterinnen :ugly:

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MrAgepy, vor einer Stunde:

Topo, danke für die info ^^

Wo hast du den die info gelesen wenn ich fragen darf ?

Die meisten Quellen beziehen sich auf einen Reddit-Beitrag von David Sirland. Er hat dort auf die Frage "Ob 60 Hz der neue Standard sind" mit "Indeed" beantwortet. Wenn DICE es ähnlich umsetzt wie in Bf4, sollte man im Serverbrowser auch nach der Tickrate filtern können. War afaik in der Beta nicht enthalten.


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