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Neuer Build kann schon seit heute morgen gespielt werden. Download hier: http://downloads.joinsquad.com/Squad-PreAlpha-v4.zip



Changelog - (Version 1776)

  • When a flag is lost in AAS mode, the side who lost the flag loses tickets as well
  • Fixed missing tree collisions
  • Fixed a crash where player dies without a valid controller
  • Fixed end of match full auto looping firing sound bug
  • Fixed scoreboard to show team player counts and total scores
  • Fixed Crouch to Prone/Prone to Crouch positional glitching in third person
  • Fixed maps to reduce LOD popping from occurring so often
  • Removed Distance Field shadows for now on all maps to massively improve performance
  • Prevented server from playing impact FX, improving server performance
  • Fixed team switching bug that prevented players from switching teams when they should have been allowed to
  • Fixed scored points for teamkills from +10 to -20
  • Adjusted anti-aliasing on all maps
  • Reduced shininess on roads and Kohat terrain
  • Updated particle effects to look more realistic and less like "Coco Puffs"
  • Switched login window links to point to the Prealpha site
  • Updated Backblast effect to look more realistic
  • Shortened Pistol deploy animations down to 0.9 secs

Important note with shadows
This week we have turned off the Unreal Engine's Distance Field Shadows.  That means you should start with Shadows settings on Epic.  Drop to high/medium only as needed.

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  • Fixed scored points for teamkills from +10 to -20

Schade. Sehn wir Deutschefraggger nie wieder auf Platz 1 :(

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Achja. Einer der Devs hat schon angekündigt dass sie jetzt wahrscheinlich doch eher auf einen zwei-wöchigen Rhytmus mit neuen Builds wechseln, da sie dann mehr Zeit zum entwickeln und testen haben. Der neue Build von heute ist also höchstwahrscheinlich für dieses und nächstes Wochenende.

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  • Fixed scored points for teamkills from +10 to -20


Schade. Sehn wir Deutschefraggger nie wieder auf Platz 1 :(




wen du mir vor die Flinte läufst eh net! :bones:

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Neues Build, neues Glück.


Wer will ist auch an diesem Wochenende wieder herzlich dazu eingeladen uns Trottel mit seinem Wunsch nach einer Partie Squad zu belästigen.


Changelog Kurzfassung:


RP brauch 1 Squadmember in 50m Radius zum placen

Fob brauch SL und 2 Squadmember innerhalb 8m (!) zum placen

Fob spawn timing von 15s auf 10s. Overrun bei Gegnern innerhalb 60m Radius.

Schüsse in die Lehmwände machen nun ein Geräusch.

Sprinten ist nun lauter.

Blut auf dem Spielermodellen wenn man getroffen wurde.

und Weiteres.


In voller Fassung:

Full Changelog (Version 1947)


Changes to Rally Point mechanics (Requires squad leader and one additional squad member within 50m to place).
Changes to FOB spawning rules (Respawn timer increased to 15sec from 10sec, 2 or more enemies in the capture radius, 60m, disables spawning).
Fix to FOB placement rules (FOBs will require a squad leader and two team members within 8m to place).
Fix to scoreboard ping display.
Added server-side validation of shots and threw out shots that aren't valid.
Fixed both shell casing collision bug that made it float on surfaces and Wood bullet hit rotating decal.
Prevented full auto looping nodes from playing continuously in some circumstances.
Updated south river of Kohat and increased cull distance on river trees
Modified dirt/gravel bullet hit sounds (plays on afghan mud walls)
Added a plastic material for plastic water containers and other plastic objects, with associated impact effects and sounds.
Added ceramic tile bullet hit sounds assigned to pot materials
Increased volume on sprint footstep sounds
Fixed weapon fire volume being too low for under certain circumstances.
Changed the AK74 fire sounds to sound more like the previous fire sounds.
Added flesh wound decals to all player characters.
Allowed audio at half-volume when outside of the game window.

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Bin im Squad-Channel im TS und bereit für dich, Hasenfurz.


PSA: Es tut nicht als Verknüpfung. Also direkt aus dem Ordner die .exe nehmen!

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UI Update incoming. Schätze nächstes Wochenende. Dann kann der Squadleader auch endlich wieder auf der Karte Marker setzen.

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Early Access Follow Up


Offworld here, proud to announce a couple of things after our momentous launch on Steam Early Access! Its been a phenomenal couple of days for us leading up to and after launch, just looking at the stats one thing still amazes us and it is the positivity in our community with veterans and newcomers alike.
In terms of sales we are going well beyond expectations moving over 20,000 units in over a day, no mean feat for a small grass-roots indie team of 20. We implore our community to be patient with issues relating to development and support. As always if you are a Backer and have not received your Steam key yet please check the email that is linked to your Paypal account (Spam folder included).

Devs Streaming Gameplay Live

The Squad Devs and the Nvidia Stream Team will be online at Thursday 17th December from 12-3 PM Pacific (8PM -11PM UTC) Check it out at twitch.tv/nvidia

Monthly Updates

If you've been following our development leading into Early Access, you will have noticed we release monthly content updates. We will continue to do this through the Early Access period, continuing with Alpha 4 at the end of January. For those worried that we are missing an update at the end of December, don't worry! We'll be doing a small update with a few important changes, but not enough for us to call it V4.

Vehicles & FOB Weapon Emplacements

Vehicles are the #1 most requested feature, and are our #1 priority now that Early Access is out. They almost made the Early Access launch, but due to a number of bugs and issues, we made the decision to spend another month working on them and bringing them up to the standard of quality that you all expect in Squad.

Easy Anticheat

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Easy Anticheat to provide our anticheat solution for Squad. We know as much as you do how important it is to have a cheater free game, and the Easy Anticheat guys impressed us with how effective their tools are. EAC will replace VAC as our anticheat solution this month.

Performance Improvements

While a vast majority of players are getting excellent performance, there are a number of players that are not. We hear you guys, and are working on a number of performance improvements that we will be rolling out in hot-fixes this and next month.
We've identified a problem with the texture streaming pool being too small for some peoples hardware, causing a significant hitch and massive VRAM usage. We are still experimenting with a fix.
We've identified a problem with AMD CPUs having a performance bottleneck related to sounds. Unfortunately, this is an Engine issue, but we've posted a workaround on our forums .
Additionally, the next version of the Unreal Engine, 4.11, is focusing on performance improvements across the entire engine. We will be integrating it as soon as possible.

Squad Tutorial Series

Any newcomer to the game should check out this official series of video tutorials designed to help players Squad up and get the most out of their battlefield experience. More parts will be added in the coming days!


Fools Road will be receiving a new Industrial area in the south complete with multi storey structures, as well as some more villages spread out around the map, in order to add more flavour and points of interest around the map.
Chora will continue to be improved, with the addition of more compounds and fields.
Sumari Bala will be doubling in size, with another stretch of town being added on the other side of the river.
Operation First Light is still undergoing a major makeover, and is transitioning into a rural Eastern European forest area with more cabins and farm plots.

Join us on Discord

Discord is a All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers thats free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Use it to meet up with other players, form squads and communicate with Squad clans!

Vote IndieDB Game of the Year

Indie of the Year Awards

Offworld Out.


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